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    Posted on Feb 4, 2014

    Universal Studios Florida Is Building A Mini London For Its Harry Potter World

    It's like London, only without the rain.

    Universal Studios Orlando is building the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, ready for this summer.

    It's going to have Diagon Alley and everything.

    Now a work-in-progress video shows the construction of several London landmarks that feature in the Potter books. They built a fake King's Cross Station, home of the famous Platform 9¾.

    This is the real King's Cross. For the most life-like experience, Universal might consider adding thousands of stressed tourists and commuters.

    There's a fake Wyndham's Theatre.

    Here it is in real life.

    And a fake Leicester Square Underground station.

    And the real thing. Adding some tourist trap steakhouses would give an air of authenticity.

    Watch the rest of the video here.

    View this video on YouTube

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