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    22 Times People Tried To Sabotage Live TV News And Won

    Forget photobombing – this is newsbombing.

    1. When this man drank from a flower vase on live TV.

    2. This cheeky kid.

    3. Beardman and Dreadlocks Guy, the ultimate newsbombing double act.

    4. These pigs.

    5. Professional newsbomber Paul Yarrow, who has appeared in the background of more than 100 live broadcasts.

    6. This giant seagull.

    7. This chap looming near Gary Lineker's head during the Olympics.

    8. These wags on US local TV.

    9. When this camera dropped in to say hello on the BBC News Channel.

    10. This world-class comedian.

    11. This excellent donkey, live on Irish TV.

    12. This man walking into a wall while newsbombing ESPN.

    13. This seven-year-old girl getting down on NBC Chicago.

    14. This guy doing air guitar in the snow.

    15. This unexplained horsehead man on a weather report in Baltimore.

    16. This chap in the background looking at nudie women.

    17. The Stoke City Rollup Man, who rolled and smoked a ciggie live on Sky Sports News and isn't a fan of Peter Crouch.

    18. This guy who shouldn't be walking on to the news.

    19. And this one, who thought he wouldn't be spotted.

    20. This beer-chugging football fan, live on ESPN.

    21. This wonderful tram-based, face-slapping kid.

    22. HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

    Stay weird, news.