17 Things That Would Only Get Reported In British Local Newspapers

    There's a lot wrong with this country, but don't ever say it's dull.

    1. You can stop looking - this is the best headline of the year so far.

    2. From naked pub botherers to naked joggers in Denigh, North Wales, the UK has everything.

    3. Cumbria's News & Star proves that if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem when it comes to obesity.

    4. A duck turned up at a college in Luton and... nope, that's it. It's worth remembering that ducks can fly.

    5. One can only hope this actually happened.

    6. Meanwhile, shit just got real in Bury St Edmunds.

    7. We think it's unlikely Scotland Yard's finest minds will be brought in to solve this one.

    NICHOLAS PAUL ATTWELL aged 52 of Utrecht Court, Christchurch. Admitted burgling Poole and Bournemouth College, Christchurch Road, and stealing a cup of tea.

    9. It's that time of year again, Creme Eggs are in the shops, so people can make threats with them.

    10. For some reason, there is a spate of animals going missing or being stolen at the moment. First, this heart-warming tale from Fife should brighten your day.

    11. Sounds like kids in Merthyr Tydfil are trying to emulate the French lads who took a llama for a tram ride. But obviously they stole a lamb instead.

    Teen stole lamb and took it to Nandos #Wales

    12. Steel yourself for a harrowing opening line in this story from the Matlock Mercury.

    "Some pet bunnies had a lucky escape when a large gust of wind turned over their hutch – smashing it."

    Reader Karen Fry told the paper: "Luckily they were in the small bed area so weren't thrown about too much, but completely covered in shavings!"

    13. The penguins at Scarborough Sealife Centre are so fed up with the bad weather, they are taking anti-depressants.

    14. And in Lancashire, stray sheep are invading the town of Rawenstall, causing all sorts of mayhem.

    15. Rug thieves are getting ever more sophisticated.

    16. This will be known as the Great Norwich "Road Sheme" Row of 2014.

    17. And finally, from Australia, if you think you're having a bad day...