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    The Best Of The Richard Keys "Banter" Meme On Vine

    "It was just banter," – the phrase that launched a thousand six-second parody clips.

    When the Daily Mail this week reported that former Cardiff manager Malky Mackay was being investigated for sending offensive text messages, the League Manager's Association defended his actions as "friendly text message banter".

    This only encouraged people who have for the last few weeks been uploading clips of Richard Keys, from when he also used the "banter" defence after resigning from his Sky Sports presenting job over offensive off-air comments.

    Justin Bieber's "Baby" is improved immeasurably by banter.

    Then there was this Depeche Mode mashup.

    And a festive Shakin' Stevens version.

    An upbeat "Barbara Streisand" workout

    We learn what it might have been like if Keys starred in Rocky 3.

    Keys here makes an important addition to The Specials' classic, "Ghost Town".

    Historic speeches weren't safe from the unstoppable progress of the banterbus.

    A key scene in Shawshank Redemption go this banteriffic re-write.

    Darth Vader got involved.

    Michael Bolton loves banter.

    80s George Michael can't resist the bants.

    And the last word goes to Alan Partridge.

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