20 National Stereotypes Debunked By People Who Live There

This Reddit thread asked for the most annoying national stereotypes from around the world. They really are infuriating.

1. USA.

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At least, that’s how Redditor PKMNtrainerKing puts it, adding: “Granted, some Americans are like this, but every country has some of these, not just America.”

2. Mexico.

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AwesomeHyruleGuy says not all Mexicans have tanned skin and drink tequila, but admits: “I love burritos & tequila, but that’s because I’m human & it’s impossible not to love them.”

3. Brazil.

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4. Sweden.

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As Swedish Redditor ASViking points out: “Sure we have a lot of hot women, but our porn is outright terrible.”

5. Canada.

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Smadaleinad says: “I’m Canadian born and raised, and I only know one person who uses “eh” even semi-regularly. It’s really irritating.”

6. Australia.

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ZeroNihilist insists that you’re 150 times more likely to drown than get killed by a shark in Australia.

7. New Zealand.

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MrKiwiMike argues: “It’s not overrun with the little woolly creatures - there were none visible in The Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hobbit were there?

8. The Netherlands.

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EnnyaInABanshhe asks how this would be possible. “I mean, come on, we also need time to dance while wearing wooden shoes.”

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“I have literally never heard someone say this in real life,” says Bungle123.

10. Scotland.

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Scottish people donate £100 more to charity a year than Londoners, despite earning 25% less, according to a study from 2013, as Tuttle_not_Buttle points out.

11. Turkey.

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Several Turks point out that not everyone travels around on camels all the time either.

12. Kenya.

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Kenya has dominated long-distance running for decades and a lot of people there could run a decent marathon. But the many of the successful runners come from a small region in the west of the country, many coming from the same tribe.

13. The United Kingdom.

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No one knows where this comes from. An OECD study in 2009 found the UK to have the best teeth in the world, with the average 12-year-old requiring surgery to replace or fill just 0.6 teeth. Poland came out worst, with nearly four teeth needing to be fixed per child.

14. China.

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“Not all of us can fight and have mastered kungfu. But for some of us who do, yes . We can jump thousand feet high and blow up houses. all by doing those high pitched sounds,” says Fubuliliyu.

15. Romania.

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Sicktricky3 says: “Vlad Tepes was a medieval ruler that favored killing thieves and the like by throwing them on a spear. NOT a vampire.”

16. Greece.

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OECD figures from 2012 showed Greeks to be the hardest workers in Europe, a point Arisngr is keen to make.

17. Saudi Arabia.

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By one estimate, at least 20% of the Saudi population lives in poverty.

18. Denmark.

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The Danes are not the tallest people in Europe: the Dutch take that prize, with men measuring six feet, one inch on average. Danes have to make do with being just six feet tall on average, according to a study from Princeton and Munich Universities.

19. Colombia.

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As Kohe puts it: “I live in Colombia and not all of us are family with Pablo Escobar, he was just friends with our uncle.”

20. Ukraine.

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Ukrainian Redditor zxz242 proudly says: “Our genes are not damaged, they’re just hardcore and produce some of the most attractive women on Earth.”

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