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    16 Of The Funniest British Vines That Ever Happened

    British humour, for people with short attention spans.

    1. When Britney Spears knew what month it was.

    2. When this shopper couldn't find brains anywhere.

    3. When Siri gave this guy a pet name.

    4. When Jayne Sharp got a cute text message.

    5. When Funny Looking got his hands on a Google Glass.

    6. When Lee Smith bonded in the supermarket over gravy.

    7. When loads of people used this excellent piece of acting by Ian Beale off Eastenders to sum the emotion of losing at various sports.

    8. When Harry Longmuir's little brother drew a picture of him.

    9. Or when his little brother wouldn't have his bath.

    10. When Aaron Cascall made some confessions in a supermakret.


    12. Alexander D Holland's aftershave advert.

    13. When Lenny Cherman when to see his mate "Julian".

    14. When Daz Black channeled Lady Gaga.

    15. When Batman London got ready the hard way.

    16. When Masood re-wrote the Bible for the modern age.