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22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

If you're ever in need of an advertising slogan, Men Love Fannies is a good place to start.

1. This 1973 lingerie store catalogue tells it like it is.

2. These Asthma Cigarettes are not recommended for children under six.

3. Playboy lifestyle ruined by diarrhea? This is the product for you.

4. This ad, from Life magazine, 1956, promotes clothes for "chubby girls".

5. "Chubby" clothing ads – featuring children who look entirely normal – continued until at least the 1970s.

6. This extreme vision of a bad hair day is from Charles Antell, a hair products manufacturer.

7. This anti-malaria medicine which also makes you fat hails from late 19th-century America.

8. "Gay" had a slightly different meaning in the 1950s.

9. This 1970s men's clothing brand offered 23 ways to avoid getting married.

10. And let's not forget this ad from the same people.

11. This studtastic advert for jeans.

12. Cocaine for children? What could possibly go wrong?

13. This not-at-all-creepy 1991 ad for Johnnie Walker whisky.

14. This mid-1990s advert for the Sega Megadrive.

15. And this, for the Sega Game Gear.

16. This ad for the Neo Geo console from the 1990s is slightly NSFW.

17. This Marlboro ad uses cute babies to advertise cigarettes, because why not?

18. If you're Lucky Strike though, you go for Santa Claus.

19. Having trouble parenting? TRY SOME BEER.

20. This ad for Love's Baby Soft beauty products from the 1980s is all kinds of wrong.

21. Er, no thanks.

22. And if in doubt, try some Old Dick chocolate.