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Ice-T Narrated A Dungeons & Dragons Audio Book And Didn't Understand Any Of It

Failed a saving throw vs nerds.

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I did this thing, I read an audiobook for Audible.... OK they didn't tell me that this was a mother****ing Dungeons and Dragons book. Now those of y'all out there that don't know, Dungeons and Dragons is some crazy deep, deep, deep nerd shit.So every word is made up, mother****ers talk like Yoda. How do you read this shit?It took me three and half hours to read 25 pages. I'm only reading a short story it's like 45 pages, I have to do it in two days. I'm walking in there like 'I got this, I get three hours'. I needed breaks, I needed water.Considering the way music is right now, you're better off listening to a book, it's more entertaining, honestly.
What were we talking about? Pegasuses, pegasii, that's horses with wings. This mother****er got a sword that talks to him. Mother****ers live in places that don't exist, it comes with a map. My God.I told my manager, don't ever book me for this kind of shit again. Let me do a porno or something - I know about that.