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Some People Pronounce Nutella As "Newtella" And People Can't Take It

Nuh-tell-uh or New-tell-uh? This is very important.

Nutella. The hazelnut spread. It's tasty. But how do you say it?

This is a dumb question, right? It's got NUTS in it, therefore it's pronounced "nuh-tell-uh".

Well, just check this out from the US Nutella website's FAQ section.

Nutella® (pronounced "new-tell-uh") is a tasty, unique spread made from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. Nutella® has no artificial colors or preservatives.

Just in case you missed that, this is how some people say Nutella – particularly, it seems, in North America.

In fact "noo-tella" is probably closer to how people say it.

Some people have spotted this pronunciation tip and they cannot handle it.

Why do people pronounce it "Newtella"? It's NUTella. There's NUTS in it not NEWTS.

Apparently Nutella is pronounced "Newtella" ..my whole life has been a lie

I just heard someone pronounce Nutella as "newtella". I literally wanted to kill them

But then again, some people are #TeamNewt all the way.

@Mish_khotu 'Newtella' is actually the right pronunciation. The name has nothing to do with the fact that its got nuts in it

There are even those who appear to write Newtella as standard these days.

Birthday crepes with banana and vegan newtella! ^^

Personal relationships could be at stake over this.

@Pandamoanimum We need an update of the potato, potatah song. "I say Nutella. You say Newtella. Let's never see each other ever again."

There could be WAR.

World War 3 will start from an argument between those who say Nutella and those who say Newtella.

BuzzFeed sent Ferrero, the company that owns Nutella, these questions, in the spirit of openness and truth. We will update as soon as we get answers.


The company sent this statement: "Ferrero aren’t trying to encourage a common worldwide pronunciation on this. In the UK we call it and pronounce it ‘Nutella’ as do consumers. The US pronunciation is just for them."