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    21 Ikea Fails That Will Make You Want To Scream

    "What do you MEAN there aren't enough screws?!". Via the #IkeaFail hashtag.

    1. When Ikea trolleys can't handle the sheer weight of the cheap Scandinavian furniture.

    2. When your wardrobe doesn't QUITE fit in your Ford Ka.

    3. When Ikea shelves aren't exactly straight.

    4. When this happens.

    5. When your clothes look like this all of a sudden.

    6. And your books.

    7. And your glasses.

    8. When your matching chairs do not match.

    9. When your bed doesn't fit your mattress.

    10. When you get stuck while constructing your Ikea bed.

    11. When you realise that Ikea's romantic cuddly toys are very strange-looking.

    12. When the drawers don't fit and you want to die.

    13. When the pegs come through the underside of your coffee table and, despite smiling about it, it is a tragedy.

    14. When you accidentally buy the kiddie tool kit.

    15. When a dustpan costs £1,385.70.

    16. When your gargantuan hot dog dreams are crushed.

    17. When your fancy apple corer doesn't quite work as planned.

    18. When you catch a cuddly Ikea fox bumming another Ikea fox.

    19. When you build a chair and it looks like this.

    20. It's easily done.

    21. And when you forget your fashionable monkey in Ikea.