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People Are Putting Instant Coffee In Their Spaghetti Bolognaise For Some Reason

At least the caffeine would tackle that post-pasta slump.

Do not adjust your screens. This is a real thing.

Can everyone else see this? Am I having an episode?

As part of an in-store and outdoor advertising campaign, Sainsbury's is suggesting putting coffee into spaghetti bolognese. Some shoppers are incredulous.

Instant coffee and spag bol... surely this isn't a thing @sainsburys (h/t Shit London)

Coffee in spag bol? What is @sainsburys thinking?! Sounds utterly gross.

@sainsburys suggest coffee in a spag bol and every Italian shudders #noneed

Others are intrigued.

That actually sounds amazing. https://t.co/IqH1o56luA

This spag bol fan tried it once and wouldn't recommend it.

@BuzzFeedUK @psmith Tried that when camping. Awful. Would not recommend.

Some were unsure of the quantity of coffee required.

@psmith The truly bizarre thing is that it gives no indication of how much to add. A whole jar?

@olenskae *empties an entire jar of instant coffee into his spag bol for one* Om Nom Nom *runs whole of the London Marathon in 7 seconds*

Various coffee-spag-bol hipsters who've been doing this for literally ages didn't know what all the fuss was about.

I don't understand why everyone's having such a problem with this campaign. Both coffee and chocolate add richness. https://t.co/GslpfwEwto

Meanwhile, this is a very good question.

What happens if you cook spaghetti in coffee instead of water.

BuzzFeed News asked Sainsbury's if they are actually serious and they replied very swiftly to assure us they are.

Cath Wilkins, head of consumer PR for food at Sainsbury's, said: "It may sound unlikely but it really works, I promise you, having sampled it myself.

"The coffee adds a underlying depth of flavour that helps to balance the sweetness of the tomato-based ragu. Rather like adding chocolate to chilli con carne, which is another of our recommended twists – although that one is a little better known."

Just to recap, Sainsbury's really does want you to put instant coffee in your meat-based pasta dish.

There's even a video.

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