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    21 Ridiculous Things That Could Only Happen In British Supermarkets

    There are many unexpectedly stupid items in your bagging area.

    1. This Shopper of the Year contender.

    2. And this one.

    3. That time Tesco thought of everything.

    4. When this Welsh delicacy went on sale.

    5. When this sign was having a bad day.

    6. When Tesco had a power drill for sale that came...pre-used.

    7. When the label stuck to this non-stick frying pan.

    8. The unfortunate design flaw in this Waitrose magazine.

    9. When someone did something terrible to the spice rack in Tesco.

    10. And then struck again.

    11. When a branch of Waitrose descended into foul language.

    12. This sneaky pizza.

    13. This truck and its very literal sign.

    14. When someone made some witty stickers for the beef aisle.

    15. Any time anyone bought this Valentine's card.

    16. When the carton for some buttermilk looked a lot like a penis for some reason.

    17. When the Norfolk dialect went toe-to-toe with the English language at King's Lynn Tesco.

    18. When One Direction hung out on the roof of a Londis in Cheshire.

    Meanwhile, in a Cheshire village, One Direction climb onto the roof of the local Londis.

    19. When Larry David started shopping at Asda.

    20. This broccoli.

    21. This idea for a night in with a difference.

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