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    21 Dads Who Are Nailing This Whole Parenting Thing

    Achievement unlocked: Rock your baby to sleep using a power drill.

    1. This guy taking things maybe a bit too easy.

    2. This dad who mastered the baby sling.

    3. The dad who didn't want to sign up to Twitter so invented his own version.

    4. This woolyback dad.

    5. This dad with a convenient burrito-eating/baby-carrying solution.

    6. The dad who does this in text messages.

    7. This dad who tried to print out a YouTube video.

    8. This dad who uses a power drill to rock the baby to sleep.

    9. "I've got to see this. What do you mean? Of course it's safe."

    10. Dan's dad, Gerry.

    11. This multitasker.

    12. This extreme multitasker.

    13. The dad who didn't read this birthday card very carefully.

    14. This dad who couldn't find the remote control.

    15. This dad who can't resist a photo opportunity.

    16. This dad who takes no nonsense at the supermarket.

    17. The dad who ordered this cake – resolving a lot of Freudian conflict.

    18. This dad who takes "semi-formal" very literally.

    19. The dad who got hours of enjoyment from drawing eyebrows on his baby.

    20. This dad who saw it coming.

    21. And the dad whose T-shirt perfects this heart-warming Christmas picture.

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