The 24 Types Of Text All Dads Send

“Love you. I’m Batman.”

2. The “I’ve just discovered omg” text.

3. The motivational text.

4. The “here is the news” text.

5. The informative text.

6. The angry-at-his-phone text.

7. The “don’t worry, I’ll sort everything out” text.

8. The touching “I hope you’re enjoying your holiday” text.

9. The too much information text.

10. The way too much information text.

11. The dad joke text.

12. The spontaneous dad joke text.

14. The caring family man text.

15. The self-pitying text.

16. The oh-god-dad-please-stop-this text.

17. The loving father text.

18. The deep, philosophical text.

19. The rage text.

20. The “I believe in you” text.

21. The ambitious text.

Text from my dad earlier on

— ben_machell (@Ben Machell)

22. The “had enough of being a dad” text.

23. The very proud of himself text.

24. And the best text.

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