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"Bear Simulator" Is The Game You Need To Unleash Your Bear Fantasies

It's like Skyrim, but you're a bear.

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Admit it: you've always secretly wanted to be a bear.

Soon you will be able to, sort of, with this forthcoming game, Bear Simulator. It pretty much does what the name suggests, allowing you to live out your bear fantasies. It joins Goat Simulator in a recent and very welcome trend of animal sims.


If you too can't wait to become a grizzly, roaming the forests and slapping pigs for no apparent reason, then you're not alone.

The game's developers, Farjay Studios, based in Portland, Oregon, put it on Kickstarter with the goal of raising $29,500 to make the game happen, but have instead raised $81,000 with seven days to go.

People who donate $1,000 will get to design a foodstuff found in the game world.

The game is due out in January 2015.