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    22 Things Your Dad Can Do Better Than You

    Dads come equipped with a range of useful abilities. Sadly not all of these are hereditary.

    1. Putting up shelves. It looks easy.

    But somehow it isn't.

    2. In fact, anything involving a drill.

    Flickr: theeerin / Creative Commons

    Even if he wasn't always taking it very seriously.

    3. Fixing any kind of car-related problem. /

    There was a time when men would crease up with laughter at the thought of taking a car to a garage, and would instead fix whatever the problem was them themselves. Now we take cars to garages to fix the fluffy dice.

    4. Skimming stones so they bounce more than twice on the water.

    "It's all in the wrist, son."

    5. Fixing bikes.

    monkeybusinessimages /

    6. Fixing toilets.

    Flickr: osseous / Creative Commons

    Where do dads learn this stuff?

    7. Inhabiting a shed / garage and filling it with "dad stuff".

    Flickr: pnoeric / Creative Commons

    8. Sleeping on the sofa.

    Flickr: jenandandy / Creative Commons

    9. Shouting at the TV.

    10. Re-wiring a plug.

    11. Parking. This is you:

    This is your dad.

    12. Haggling in shops.

    Fuse / Thinkstock

    It never ceases to amaze me how often this works.

    13. Telling dad jokes.

    14. Complaining in restaurants.

    Minerva Studio /

    "Just leave it."

    "No, we're paying good money."

    15. Doing accounting properly, like an adult. Because your paperwork still looks like this.

    Flickr: katchooo / Katchooo / Creative Commons

    16. Navigating to any part of the world using a map (without using a satnav).

    Noel Hendrickson / Thinkstock

    17. And knowing how to fold up the map afterwards.

    18. Putting up a tent.

    19. Putting up a tent AND not watching it fly away.

    20. Decorating, including all wallpaper-related activity, which for some reason is harder than it looks.

    kadmy /

    21. Gardening. You think: "Oh those flowers look nice." He thinks: "I'll just do some pruning."

    22. Dad dancing.

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