27 Cringe-Worthy Dad Jokes You Can’t Help But Laugh At

Here are some of the corniest jokes our fathers tell via the glorious subreddit Dad Jokes.

1. “I told my dad about this [Dad Jokes] subreddit:”

Joke by stinatown’s dad.

ID: 1472849

2. “Every damn year after it turns 12:00 AM on January 1.”

Joke by synthemescaline’s dad.

ID: 1472890

3. “One of the funniest things my dad ever said.”

Joke by Heavvy’s dad.

ID: 1472907

4. “Dad at hospital.”

Joke by matti4s’s dad.

ID: 1472909

5. “My dad tells this joke to every girlfriend I bring home.”

Joke by cvtopher12’s dad.

ID: 1472876

6. “Whenever we drove past the cemetery.”

Joke by floatingcoffins’s dad.

ID: 1472912

7. “Every single road trip—the train tracks joke.”

Joke by starspangledhammered’s dad.

ID: 1472924

8. “My dad pulled this one last week.”

Joke by Old_Dean_Moriarty’s dad.

ID: 1472927

9. “Broke my butt.”

Joke by PatientZero96’s dad.

ID: 1472929

10. “Dad, I’m hungry.”

Joke by pepponen’s dad.

ID: 1472935

11. “Whenever I order quesadillas…”

Joke by XanTheMan16’s dad.

ID: 1472939

12. “Fell for it every family car trip…”

Joke by GoMilkTheCowsBro’s dad.

ID: 1472944

13. “Whenever I tell my dad something is cool…”

Joke by Jombo65’s dad.

ID: 1472947

14. “Make me a sandwich.”

Joke by KDLasswell’s dad.

ID: 1472952

15. “Whenever we are at a restaurant.”

Joke by MartinAn’s dad.

ID: 1472967

16. “I got my hair cut today…”

Joke by drawxward’s dad.

ID: 1472970

17. “Does anyone feel like ice cream?”

Joke by yourfeet’s dad.

ID: 1472975

18. “My dad used to act like he picked his nose and he’d look at it and say…”

Joke by k_pressley’s dad.

ID: 1472980

19. “Whenever Dad sees a watermelon.”

Joke by TheThespian13’s dad.

ID: 1472986

20. “Dad likes starting road trips with this one…”

Joke by evilsmiley69’s dad.

ID: 1474257

21. “Dad had a dream…”

Joke by PutMyDickOnYourHead’s dad.

ID: 1474288

22. “During a full moon. Every god damn time…”

Joke by dacria’s dad.

ID: 1475215

23. “Whenever I leave the house.”

Joke by Wyer’s dad.

ID: 1475343

24. “What’s for dinner?”

Joke by juhesihcaaa’s dad.

ID: 1475409

25. “‘I’m gonna go take a pee…’”

Joke by mercurysinking’s dad.

ID: 1475437

26. “Dining with Dad.”

Joke by ThePhoenixRoost’s dad.

ID: 1475522

27. “So my dad calls me…”

Joke by Zeprido’s dad.

ID: 1475468

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