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    22 Epic Drunken Nights Out That Went Gloriously Wrong

    Some of these people may have been drunk. Warning: Some NSFW language ahead.

    1. When this legend stole an entire doner kebab skewer.

    2. When this guy went on a bender in Oldham and somehow woke up in Paris.

    3. When a stag party in Wales crashed their narrowboat.

    Twitter: @ITVWales

    It had to be taken out by a crane.

    4. When this fellow illustrated why you shouldn't fall asleep in the pub.

    5. As did this one.

    6. When someone had a lock-in in a phone box in Glasgow.

    7. When this guy took his rabbits out with him in Manchester.

    8. When this banana peaked too soon.

    9. When this immortal DJ shoutout happened.

    Flickr: dgeezer / Creative Commons

    10. When these nuns took over a barge in Birmingham.

    11. When this banterrific act took place.

    12. When this fellow hatched a cunning plan to get home.

    13. When this guy put a TV on his head in Newquay for some reason.

    14. When this guy took stealing traffic cones to the next level.

    As the Mail said: "The next day when he realised they were in his bedroom he put pictures of them on Facebook and tried to sell the animals for £10."

    15. When this moment of passion happened in Newcastle.

    16. Any time anyone ever went to this foam party ON ICE in Bradford.

    17. When some party animals in Hull somehow managed to get a wheelie bin on top of a phone box.

    18. When a Hayle man was found guilty of stealing champagne, vodka ... and a canoe.

    19. When this Brit dressed as Snow White was picked up by the police in Berlin.

    20. When this football team from Bristol got arrested in Greece for dressing up as nuns.

    21. When this happened in Sunderland.

    22. And when this guy had it large in Preston.

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