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Top 10 Action Heroes We'd Love To... Get To Know In Real Life

Honouring Liam Neeson’s return as Bryan Mills in Taken 3, we wanted to celebrate all action heroes. Everybody loves a good, classic action film, but who reigns supreme in the action genre? Here are the top 10 action heroes we wish we could know in real life:

papsby 4 years ago

9 Top Tips For Surviving Your Office Christmas Party According To Horrible Bosses 2

The dreaded office Christmas party season is upon us, and who better to help navigate the hotbox of potential awkwardness and embarrassment than Horrible Bosses!

papsby 4 years ago

12 Iconic Film Roles Benedict Cumberbatch Would Have Owned

As ol' Benny picks up another potentially iconic film role (Marvel's Doctor Strange), let's consider how his talent could have lent itself to the best characters cinema has to offer...

papsby 4 years ago
papsby 4 years ago
papsby 5 years ago