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21 Words That Meant Something Completely Different In 2006


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5. Ghost

Paramount Pictures

What it used to mean: An apparition of a deceased person.

What it means now: The act of never speaking again to someone you were romantically interested in.


8. Dead


What it used to mean: Someone who is no longer alive.

What it means now: Someone who is being extra dramatic for effect. Example: "Oh my god, that text you sent was so funny, I am literally dead."


15. TBT

Taylor Swift / Via

What it used to mean: Two letters in the alphabet.

What it means now: Throwback Thursday, aka a way to post that one flattering photo of yourself from two weeks ago on Instagram.

19. Tag

Dimension Films

What it used to mean: A game in which players chase and try to "tag" one another.

What it means now: When you're labeled on a photo you probably want NO ONE to see.


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