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    17 Tweets That Prove Good Things Still Exist On The Internet

    Never feel guilty for taking some time for yourself.

    1. This start of a great friendship:

    My uncle went to Japan and a man liked him so much he made him out of sushi

    2. This joyous reunion:

    I put my son in private school and he was very sad because he had to leave his best friend Barrett. It’s been 3 months since he has been in his new school. And today the teacher said they have a new student. AND GUESS WHO IT IS! BARRETT!!

    3. This heartwarming reveal:

    After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months... i surprised my prom date with this💛✨

    4. This important reminder:

    Don't suffer in silence because "no one wants to hear about your depression." I'd rather hear about your depression, anxiety, stress etc than hear about your death. I love you. Let's fight this shit. Gang gang. Dipset. Squad.

    5. This daughter who is rightfully proud of her mother:

    Parent,”I would like to come read to the class, but I can’t read English.” Me, “well, please come read in your language.” Parent, “really? “ Me, “of course!” And,she did and it was amazing!!Thank you to this mom for reading to us!📚 You made your daughter proud! 😊 #cridgepride

    6. This much-needed warmth:

    I heated up my small hot water bottle for Charlie cause he’s been shivering all night and he’s so happy I want to cry 😭😭😭💘

    7. These talented musicians:

    These two buskers are playing together from opposite sides of the G, fuck, ugh, my heart

    8. This growth:

    It’s taken me until 27 years old to feel strong enough to show affection to another man in public... It’s been a journey, but I’m glad I’m here 🏳️‍🌈❤️

    9. This perfect conversation:

    Kid at skatepark (as I arrive): “you a good skater? me: sometimes him: you ever been here? me: no him: you travel a lot? me: yes, perhaps too much him: are you a YouTuber? me: no, I’m just a skater and a dad him: wanna see me do a jump? me: absolutely ..and I then shot this pic

    10. This new perspective:

    I feel really weird about turning 30. Tonight, my grandma asked how old I was turning & I didn't want to say it... & she said 30? I said yes. She says, "You mean I've gotten to know you that long?" "Wow...... Isn't that nice?" It was so sincere. 😭 I no longer feel weird.

    11. This pure section of the internet:

    everything is terrible so i googled "dogs being interviewed" and it helped

    12. This major accomplishment:

    Flew my first flight as an Airline Pilot today!👨🏾‍✈️I also had the pleasure of flying my parents for the first time, My dad never wanted to fly with me until I flew a jet and the first thing he says to me once I get out the plane is “my back hurts” 😂 we didn’t even land that hard

    13. This unlikely pairing:

    So my mom told me this story about how my aunt and uncle ran into a celebrity at a bar and became friends with him, and she couldn’t remember his name. My aunt just sent me these pictures...

    14. This empathy:

    I let one of my students sleep yesterday during class. She NEVER sleeps in my class so I figured something was up. This morning she kept thanking me for letting her rest. Turns out her 2 year old was sick and was in the ER all night. Moral: have compassion for your students.

    15. This adorable mix-up:

    My son learned the word “delicious” recently, except he pronounces it “decisions” so now you just see him walking around the house sipping on his water bottle going: “*slurp* Ahhh...decisions...”

    16. This celebration of life:

    In case you need some joy on your timeline, here’s my grandmother celebrating LIFE at her 90th Birthday party!

    17. And finally, this true love:

    this sweet man ..... made a twitter account to show me his pasta because you cant send pictures on tinder

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