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17 Beautifully Designed Mermaid Tattoos

Dive right in.

1. This watercolor beauty:

2. This minimalistic masterpiece:

3. This tropical pin-up:

4. This little cutie:

5. This hyperrealistic work of art.

6. This incredibly clever take on a mermaid's fin:

7. This pastel princess:

8. This detailed vision:

9. This badass archer:

10. This unique spin on everyone's fave:

11. This patterned princess:

12. This ode to Ursula:

13. This devoted mer-fan:

14. This creative peek at a mermaid's anatomy:

15. This mini-mermaid who looks like something out of a storybook:

16. This Irish lass:

17. And finally, this adorable mer-cat: