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24 Things All Emo Kids Couldn’t Live Without In 2007

So thankful for hair straighteners.

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1. Checkered slip-on Vans that you probably colored in with a Sharpie at some point.

margotsmokes / Via

2. Studded belts that didn't really even keep your pants up.

ariyull / Via

3. A hair straightener to make sure your bangs perfectly covered half your forehead and one of your eyes.

nails_over_duct_tape_ / Via

4. Dozens of buttons that displayed your angst on everything you owned.

htsunrise / Via

5. Sweat bands that you wore when you weren't sweating.

oneoddmomma / Via

6. Jelly bracelets to adorn your wrists when you weren't wearing sweat bands...

t_attack / Via

7. bracelets...because, duh...

josealmdrop / Via Instagram: @josealmdrop

8. ...and who could forget the slightly dangerous, yet hardcore, spiked cuffs?

9. Gauges that took your ears to the point of no return.

givemepants / Via

10. Multiple bottles of hairspray so that your choppy hair could defy gravity.

xx_alternative_world_xx / Via

11. Several sticks of eyeliner to make sure you never went without raccoon eyes.

justemokidsrp / Via

12. A closet full of band tees so that you could prove that you actually liked emo music.

shannonmarginson / Via

13. Head-to-toe Nightmare Before Christmas regalia that showed your deep love for Jack Skellington.

kdscreations / Via

14. Skinny jeans so tight that you had to lay down just to take them off each time.

awkward_elf / Via

15. Bottles of multi-colored hair dye so that your hair stood out in the brightest way possible.

darkriddels / Via

16. Black nail polish to match the color of your soul. ;)

alexis_deadlive / Via

17. Fingerless gloves that allowed you to show off those perfectly polished black nails.

hurricanepanda / Via

18. Little hair bows from Hot Topic for when your side-swept bangs got a little too rowdy.

hapihart / Via

19. A lip ring to entertain you during math class.

zach_killjoy / Via

20. A beanie for when you didn't have time to fully straighten your locks.

stoned_sasuke / Via

21. A hoodie to wear half on/half off when you couldn't find your beanie.

xxbvbgirl101xx / Via

22. A black Sharpie to write "rawr" on just about any part of your body.

23. Fishnets for when you needed extra air-flow.

emobands4lyfebruh / Via

24. And finally, a digital camera so that you could practice your perfect Myspace pose and declare to the world that you were, in fact, an emo kid.

niccinixxi / Via
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