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    We Tried Some Weird Subway Hacks And This Is What Happened

    Some Doritos were harmed in the making of this.

    Hi everyone, Lara and Pablo here, and we're in a problematic relationship with Subway. We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to hit us with their best Subway menu hacks.

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    Lara's thoughts: I LOVE SUPREME PIZZA!!!!!!!! I LOVE PIZZA!! So, yeah, I liked this sub. I like things that taste like supreme pizza. I would definitely order this again over tuna, but only 25% of the time. This is definitely worth trying.

    Pablo's thoughts: This was by far the most iconic item of the bunch. Listen up, Subway, If you don't sell this item, then you're playing yourself.

    Lara's thoughts: Look, I LOVE SUBWAY TUNA, and yes, I am aware that it is 90% mayonnaise, but it's so good. So of course I liked this sandwich because it had a lot of tuna on it, but the bacon can go to hell. Why would anyone want to eat bacon from Subway? Or eat bacon in general? Leave the bacon, gimme more tuna.

    Pablo's thoughts: I only eat Subway tuna when I'm feeling dangerous, and needless to say, this isn't the kind of danger I was looking for. I don't like bacon, and this only assured me that my feelings are justified. Get a tuna sub, throw the bacon in the trash.

    Lara's thoughts: This sandwich sucks. If I wanted soggy bread, I would eat at a high-school cafeteria. The sauce was good; the veggies and bread were bad. Just eat a salad?

    Pablo's thoughts: I'm not a baby bird, so I didn't appreciate this regurgitated piece of crap. It was unnecessarily wet and it fell apart one bite in. Stay far, far away from this, or it just might eat you, too.

    Lara's thoughts: This is repulsive and offensive. Ranch dressing and Doritos do not belong together. I am positive that when I die this "salad" will meet me at the gates of hell.

    Pablo's thoughts: If this will be at the gates of hell, I'll see you all there. This stands against everything Subway believes in, and I've always liked rebellious food.

    Overall, we just learned to never mess with what isn't broken. Get a tuna sub and you'll be happy.

    Do you have a better Subway hack? Please tell us. We love a good foot-long.