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19 Blow Job Tips That Are Actually Amazing

Let your tongue do the talking.

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We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community for their best blow job tips. Here are their explosive results.

Disclaimer: Not every single one of these tips will apply to every person. It's important to communicate with your partner before trying any of these tips out. Remember, consent is the sexiest thing of all.

1. Develop a steady rhythm with both your hand and mouth.


"I keep the head of his penis and a little bit of the shaft in my mouth while simultaneously using my hand to stroke his shaft in sync with the rhythm of my mouth."


2. Use your hands to caress other parts of your partner's body.

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"While going down on his member, use your hands to stroke and caress other areas of his body. The most reaction I get is from caressing his chest, nipples, and inner part of his thigh."

—Christopher Wyse, Facebook

3. Let your tongue do the talking before your mouth finishes the conversation.

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"I usually start by licking up and down the shaft a few times before I actually put the head in my mouth. I like making my tongue hard and licking all around the head, especially under it. It’s a nice prologue to the actual blow job."


4. Let your spit flow freely.


"The best trick I ever learned is to drink grapefruit juice! Grapefruit juice, orange juice, basically anything acidic. The low pH level causes most people to salivate like crazy. The wetter, the better."


5. Or get some edible lube for extra ~moisture~.

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"Find an edible lube that you like and go to town."

—Alek Rose, Facebook

6. Suction is key.

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"If he is cut, you better apply a lot of suction and focus in the edges of the glans. If he is uncut, be gentle. Mix between suction and licking and focus in on the frenulum."


7. Keep your eyes on 'em.

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"Eye contact. Look up and gaze into him once in a while and lick the tip. It will drive him nuts."

—Iva Marra, Facebook

8. Ring the back door!


"I focus on the head and use one hand to emulate his personal technique, then use the other to tickle his balls, massage the taint, and, IF IT'S BEEN DISCUSSED AND HE'S INTO IT, ring the back doorbell to see if anyone's home."

— Cassie Lilly, Facebook

9. Listen to one another and let each other know your likes and dislikes.


"I only have one tip: communicate. On either end. If you're receiving, tell your partner what does or doesn't feel good. If you're giving, listen to what he says or any cues he's giving and let him know if he's being too rough or if he's not acting into it, try something else. Everyone is different and not everyone will like the same things."

—Laura Jo Gwinn, Facebook

10. Show the balls some love.

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"Jack him off while lightly licking the spot just under his balls. Alternate between that and actually giving him a blow job. Total game changer."


11. Some positions make deep-throating easier.


"If you want to practice deep-throating, laying upside down with your head off the bed while he is standing is the easiest way to relax your gag reflex. Once you get used to the motion, it will be easier to handle it more in other positions."

—Larra Conville, Facebook

12. And you can try to stop that gag if you wanna.

Lara Parker

"A little hack if you have a gag reflex is to just squeeze/press down your thumb with the rest of your fingers. It stops you from gagging and choking."


13. Never forget to tip.

"Play with the tip with your mouth and tongue, and not just for a second or two. Then, out of nowhere, take the whole damn thing in all at once. They’ll be surprised and go out of their mind with pleasure."


14. Make some noise.


"Humming and moaning usually gives it all a little umph since the throat vibrations offer more stimulation."


15. Never underestimate the importance of body language.


"I really listen to the man’s body language. Every man is different. If he starts tightening up and breathing a little heavier when I’m doing something in particular, I try to give extra attention to that site. Sometimes that involves just the balls, or just the head. Sometimes it involves multiple places that need to be cared for at the same time."


16. Keep your teeth to yourself, unless they're into that kind of thing.

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"No teeth. Under no circumstances should his penis touch your teeth. You think it's cute to nibble on it? IT'S NOT. It's not a banana and you are not chewing anything. It hurts and it's scary for them."

—Iva Marra, Facebook

17. Give yourself some extra motivation.


"While going down on my husband, I lay on my side next to him (we look like the letter T) so he can tickle my back, neck, and shoulders while I’m doing it. This makes me stay down there longer cause it feels so good. I don’t want him to stop and I’m sure he doesn’t want me to stop."


18. Have a fizzy drink!


"Ice-cold Dr. Pepper. You can do it with basically any cold, fizzy drink, I just prefer Dr. Pepper. Champagne is great too when you’re feeling fancy. Take a little sip, then carefully take him in your mouth, press your tongue up against that sensitive spot right below the head, and let the bubbles tickle him for a moment before you swallow your drink with him still in your mouth."


19. And finally, just have fun with it!

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"Always show enthusiasm...never treat a blow job like it's a job."


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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