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    21 Jokes That'll Make People With Seasonal Allergies Feel Seen

    "My nose has done more running this spring than I have."

    1. When pollen has you feeling things you never asked for:

    2. When spring is out to end you:

    3. When your idea of a good time takes on a new meaning:

    4. When you've gone through 3,000 tissues and accept your new red-eyed life:

    5. When you look like you've been dragged from the pits of hell:

    6. When you want to be blasted off to Mars:

    7. When your nose is putting more work in:

    8. When your allergies are just plain disrespectful:

    Me: Yes, it’s finally nice out! My seasonal allergies: #DragRace

    9. When your medication isn't doing ENOUGH:

    10. When May 1st creeps in like a thief in the night:

    11. When you're ready for spring to end .02 seconds after it begins:

    12. When Darwin warned you of this:

    13. When you come up with new dreams:

    14. When they catch you off guard:

    live footage of my allergies hitting me on the first day of May

    15. When you are no longer a functioning human:

    16. When everyone else's opinions suck:

    17. When pollen's ready to strike at any moment:

    Me: “who gonna kick my butt? Nobody. “ Pollen:

    18. When you're sick of getting your ass kicked by your allergies:

    19. When you just have to accept the unfortunate realities of spring:

    me: I can’t wait to enjoy this nice spring day my allergies:

    20. When you only leave your house during certain seasons:

    21. And finally, when you just want them to not: