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Updated on Apr 11, 2020. Posted on Apr 4, 2020

Your Response To These Texts Will Reveal Your Strongest Polarizing Quality

And yes, you can choose to ghost someone too.

  1. A person you've been crushing on for the longest time sends you this at midnight:

  2. Your best friend sends you this after you asked 'em what they were up to:

  3. An ex who you're friendly with, but not really friends with, sends you this:

  4. A friend sends you this and nothing else:

  5. A coworker who is notorious for asking people to cover their shifts but NEVER returns the favor sends you this at noon:

  6. A hot person who you met, flirted, and exchanged numbers with at a book store last night sends you this after you reach out:

  7. You receive this text from an unknown number with an unfamiliar area code:

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