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    16 Photos That'll Make You Say "Aww" And "Hot Damn"

    Why have one when you can have both?

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    1. Here's Smoothie, who proves puppy dog eyes aren't just for dogs.

    smoothiethecat / Via

    2. And here's Sachin, giving his best puppy dog eye impression.

    3. Here's Starsky, looking a bit more squished than usual.

    starsky_the_goldie / Via

    4. And here's St. Jon, who's lookin' deep into your soul.

    @st . jon / Via

    5. Theodore likes to get adorably messy.

    theodorable_corgi / Via

    6. While Ronnie just wants to get clean.

    ronniecwoo / Via

    7. Bowie is the tiniest fluff of all fluffs.

    8. And Renato has got his own kind of touchable fluff.

    renijacobs / Via

    9. Juniper is a sleepy lil' bb.

    10. And Krittarit does one hell of a Juniper impression.

    bigm_krittarit / Via

    11. Sebastian's got a pouch full of surprises.

    thekangaroosanctuary / Via Instagram: @thekangaroosanctuary

    12. Even though Petros' polka dot pouch even bigger surprise.

    petros_sp / Via

    13. Coco really loves to ~chill~ out.

    cocolog_cat / Via

    14. But Julian can actually get shit done.

    ijulian_ / Via

    15. Thor just wants to be cuddled.

    joandthoradventures / Via

    16. And Travis will do all the cuddling you need.

    travbeachboy / Via

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