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    Owen From "Bly Manor" Is The Internet's Newest Boyfriend

    He can haunt me any day.

    🚨Warning: There are spoilers ahead, so if you haven't finished Bly Manor, get to it! 🚨

    When you first started watching The Haunting of Bly Manor, this was probably you:

    But by the end, this was DEFINITELY you:

    A chihuahua tearing up

    And somewhere in between that roller coaster of emotions came one feeling you never expected: love. You might have fallen in love with Jamie, Dani, Rebecca, or Hannah....but many us — myself included — left that show with a new boyfriend in tow, and his name is Owen.

    Owen getting out of the car

    Two seconds into meeting Owen, I desperately hoped he wouldn't die or turn out to be an awful human, and now that I've finished the show, I'm happy to announce that neither option came true.

    Owen going to greet Dani for the first time

    For one, the man can cook and bake. Hell, he does it for a living.

    Owen having people taste his cake batter

    His heart is almost as big as his mustache, and he treats the world's creepiest kids just splendidly.

    Flora talking about how Owen made her a mac 'n' cheese sandwich once

    He's always got a funny pun up his sleeve.

    Owen making a food pun, saying "For a salt and buttery" instead of "assault and battery"
    Owen saying "alcohol you later" AKA "I'll call you later"

    When he gets this puppy-dog look in his eyes, it feels like my heart is getting a warm hug.

    Owen looking like he's about to tear up while talking to Hannah

    He took great care of his mother, and even when he unknowingly missed his final night with her, he was just making sure everyone at Bly was safe against Peter.

    Owen letting Hannah sleep on his shoulder

    Most importantly, he also showed Hannah the love and respect she deserved.

    i know, i know, dani and jamie... but can we PLEASE talk about owen and hannah

    I'm still mad they never got their Paris moment. 😭

    Owen telling Hannah to run away to Paris with him

    And let's face it, Rahul Kohli (who plays Owen) is a treat for the eyes.

    While some have referred to Owen as the "protector of lesbians," Rahul clarified that they didn't need a man for that. Bring on the pastries, bb!

    The ladies didn’t need protecting by any man, they just needed their dinner cooked on time. Owen was more than happy to oblige :)

    There's a reason even the promotional image looks wet, and no it's not because of the rain.

    And if you think I'm the only one with these feelings, just look on Twitter. I'm definitely not alone:

    i want to kiss Owen from Bly Manor and also hold his hand

    can't believe that a show with literal lesbians STILL managed to make me love and care about a male character.. anyways owen sharma u have my heart

    Owen from The Haunting of Bly Manor tho I’m———

    you don’t understand im obsessed


    I just started the haunting of bly manor and YES I do have a crush on Owen thank you for asking

    Good morning to Owen from Haunting of Bly Manor’s mustache, and no one else.

    he doesn't need to cook me anything he's the whole meal

    I think it's safe to say that Owen is our collective boyfriend now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.