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    17 Men Who Went From 0 To 100 Really, REALLY Quickly

    Can y'all calm down a bit?

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    1. This one who waited exactly 31 minutes before writing a whole damn paragraph:

    2. Or this one who went from smiley face to "blow me" in less than two hours:

    3. This one who can't deal with confidence:

    4. This one who can't keep his information straight:

    5. This one who absolutely needs to leave Rick and Morty out of this:

    6. This one who is trying to ruin pizza for us all:

    remlovee / Via

    7. This one who doesn't know what "nah not really" means:

    8. This one who absolutely needs to chill out immediately:

    9. This guy who is absolutely terrible at icebreakers:

    10. This guy who needs to just put his damn phone down:

    fuckboysfallback / Via

    11. This one who can't even get the phone number correct:

    krystacheyenne / Via

    12. And this guy who went from "alright" to "what the hell is going on?":

    13. This one who truly, truly went from 0 to 1,000,000 for no damn reason:

    marissalillian / Via

    14.'s a lot:

    hiighviolet / Via

    15. This guy who needs to learn how to transition topics:

    16. This one who went from "oh that's nice" to "wait what":

    17. And this one who seriously just needs to calm the fuck down:

    h/t str8boytexts, one of the best Twitter accounts of all time.

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