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21 Memes You Need To Send To A "House Hunters" Addict

Spoiler: They WILL pick the ugliest house.

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1. When you give up on every other responsibility:

2. When you now understand passionate sports fans:

3. When you realize you've become the very person you once made fun of:

4. When you refuse to miss the ending...

5. ...even though they never listen to your screams.

6. When the couple miraculously picks your fave:

7. When you can see the drama coming from a mile away...

8. you sit back, take it all in...

9. ...and then see a marriage crumble right in front of your eyes:

10. When you channel all the anger from your day towards the show:

11. When a couple wants the world...

Twitter: @2joynz / Via NBC

12. ...but isn't willing to pay for it:

Twitter: @ianartis / Via Nickelodeon

13. When you wonder why you're not a globe trotter yet:

14. When the realtor is this close to quitting:

15. And when the couple needs the chill TF out:

16. When the couple has never heard of paint before:

17. When you play along like you're in the market for a home:

Twitter: @brelexi / Via HGTV

18. But in reality, you're just trying to get by:

19. When you seek escape through Tiny House Hunters and end up even angrier:

20. When you can't put two and two together:

21. And finally, when you realize you've been scammed:

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