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Updated on Nov 10, 2019. Posted on Nov 6, 2018

17 Girlfriends Who Are Crushing This Whole Relationship Thing

"Where can I keep a baby goat I impulsively bought?"

1. This girlfriend who lured her boyfriend out of bed with a Pringle trail:

AberrantConductor / Via

2. This girl who gave her boyfriend a mousepad with his favorite photo of her on it:

OfficialDampSquid / Via

3. The girl who wrapped her boyfriend's gift in Shrek gift wrap and made use of the stars:

shaftjuice_ / Via

4. This girl who dressed up as her boyfriend for his birthday:

mattbozle / Via

5. This girl who got herself into a tricky situation:

body_by_xenia / Via

6. The girl who tried to convince her boyfriend that they both needed a dog by placing these all over the apartment:

Jizzle_Sticks / Via

7. This girlfriend who's lookin' like a snack:

If Jose breaks up with me just know it’s because he’s had enough

8. This girl who got her boyfriend a "wipe to reveal" Nicholas Cage pillow:

NineInchSNAILS413 / Via

9. This girlfriend who should hang this locket at the Louvre:

10. This girl who's got jokes up her sleeve:

11. This girlfriend who used googley eyes responsibly:


12. This girl who wrote what should be an award-winning poem for her boyfriend:

F1uffydestro / Via

"Dear Andrew, Roses are red, Cacti are thorny, I just can't help that you make me so...wait. This isn't a cactus. Aloe you Vera much!"

13. This guy who had drawn a face on her fan, and then discovered that his girlfriend had coincidentally done the same with her identical fan:

stueytaytay / Via

14. This girl who created a piece of art on a mug:

15. This girl who knows the importance of communication:

I ate ONE piece of @SuperiorAsian's pizza and she had a heart attack... 😑😂

16. This girl who came up with a solution to a problem we ALL have:

17. And finally, this girlfriend who got her boo a perfect Spongebob cake for his 25th birthday:

TGShadow69 / Via

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