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    19 Tweets You’ll Only Laugh At If You’ve Been To Therapy

    My therapist: What’s on your mind? My brain: Is that a bird?

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    1. When everything comes to you at once:

    Me en route to therapy: I don't think I have anything to talk about. Maybe I should stop going Me, at therapy:

    2. When you become the observer:

    3. When you're treading on thin ice:

    4. When you're back to where you started:

    me: soooo i texted him again my therapist:

    5. When you're lying to yourself:

    6. When your therapist takes on a new approach:

    7. When you don't even need words to describe your sessions:

    8. When you're therapist says, "Here we go again":

    My therapist when I start yet another session with “so there’s this new guy...”

    9. When you look on the bright side:

    Therapist: Bottling up negative emotions is bad for your health Me:[finger guns] That’s why I also bottle up the positive ones

    10. When you can't show your face again:

    11. When you choose what not to hear:

    12. When you dodge improvement:

    My therapist: so did you try those new coping mechanisms I told you about? Me:

    13. When you've got other things in mind:

    14. When you're doing OK:

    15. When your therapist worries:

    16. When you accomplish something:

    17. When you have a moment of pure genius:

    18. When you get defensive:

    19. And finally, when you need all the help you can get:

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