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    You've Grown Up Seeing The Actor Who Plays Cassie And Lexi's Mom In "Euphoria," But You May Not Have Realized It

    Never underestimate Alanna Ubach's résumé.

    Euphoria's Season 2 finale is coming up this Sunday, and I think we can all agree that we're ready to see where this roller coaster takes us next.

    Cassie looking at Nate

    If you are all caught up and experienced Lexi's play during the last episode, you know that Cassie and Lexi's mom, Suze — played by the one and only Alanna Ubach — gave us some great moments that would make Regina George's mom proud.

    HBO / Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @incepthion

    She truly had the time of her LIFE and was seemingly the only person who enjoyed themselves from start to finish.

    Lexi's mom whenever her character came on stage #Euphoria

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    We were all Suze in this moment.


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    But Suze was obviously not Alanna's first iconic performance. Our girl has been in the game for decades, and people are just now discovering how long her résumé is. Earlier this month, TikTok user @vandamnn pointed out that Alanna also voiced Mamá Imelda in Coco, which includes her beautiful rendition of "La Llorona" in the film.

    For reference, this is Mamá Imelda.

    The video has been viewed nearly 2 million times, and people can't seem to believe they didn't know this info earlier.

    On top of that — given that she was in Coco — fans just caught onto the fact that Alanna is both Mexican American and Puerto Rican.

    Fans seemed to love this info even more than the Mamá Imelda discovery.

    I just found out that Alanna Ubach, Who plays Lexi and Cassie’s mom on euphoria, also voiced mama Imelda in Coco. She’s also from Downey and is Mexican and Puerto Rican. Ok Queen I see you 😘

    Twitter: @reglrsizedtina

    Others who already knew of her and followed her long career are glad she's finally getting her flowers too.

    I’m glad this season of euphoria has made so many people fans of Puerto Rican and Mexican-American actress Alanna Ubach. She kills it in everything she does. My favorite role being Mama Imelda, obvs.

    HBO / Pixar / Via Twitter: @theCaroAngel

    It's safe to say Alanna appreciates the love.

    @theCaroAngel Thank you so much for your kind words, Angel! ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹

    Twitter: @Alannaubach

    Now, like I said, Alanna has a résumé worth bragging about. So if you're curious, here are other places you may have caught a glimpse of Suze. For one, she was Serena in the Legally Blonde films and will be reprising her role in the newest movie.

    She played Maria in the legendary 1993 film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

    She voiced Brenda, aka Rope Girl, amongst many other characters on the early '00s cartoon Teamo Supremo.

    She had a very memorable appearance as Roxy in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    People loved her as Jo in the Bravo series Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce.

    And they couldn't get enough of her in the 2005 film Waiting..., in which she starred opposite Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris.

    That's a tiny sliver of what she's done. She's also been in The Brady Bunch Movie, Ozzy & Drix, Meet the Fockers, The Spectacular Spider-Man, etc. Alanna has been booked and busy for decades now!

    Sure, learning that an actor played multiple roles isn't exactly "groundbreaking," but it makes for a fun fact, so let us have it! I look forward to seeing what Alanna has to offer us in the future!