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The Hardest "Easy A" Quiz You'll Ever Take

Can you get Olive these questions right?

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  1. We'll start off super easy: which song plays in the greeting card Olive receives and later becomes her ring tone?

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    "Pocketful of Sunshine"
    "Bleeding Love"
    "A Thousand Miles"
  2. Where in California does the movie take place?

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    Los Angeles
    Santa Barbara
  3. Marianne is president of a club that, as Olive puts it, is "dedicated to shoving their beliefs down other people's throats." What's the name of the club?

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    The Brother and Sister Christian Club
    The Jesus Lovers Club
    The Cross Your Heart Club
    The Get Saved Club
  4. Thanks to the effort of Marianne's club, the school mascot changes from a __________ to a ____________.

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    blue devil/woodchuck
    blue devil/chipmunk
  5. When Olive pretends to have sex with Brandon, what does the "grand finale" consist of?

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    Olive punches Brandon in the stomach.
    Olive slaps Brandon's butt with a book.
    Olive bangs Brandon's head against the headboard.
    Olive pushes Brandon off the bed.
  6. What book is Olive reading in English class?

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    "Madame Bovary"
    "The Scarlet Letter"
    "Lady Chatterly's Lover"
    "Wuthering Heights"
  7. What is Mrs. Griffith's job?

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    Assistant principal
    History teacher
    Math teacher
    Guidance counselor
  8. Marianne tells Olive, "There's a higher power that will judge you for your indecency," to which Olive replies _____________.

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    "Tom Cruise?"
    "Nicolas Cage?"
    "Brad Pitt?"
    "Johnny Depp?"
  9. What song does Olive sing and dance to at the pep rally?

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    "Bad Girls"
    "Knock on Wood"
    "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
    "What Have You Done For Me Lately"
  10. While on the phone with Olive, Brandon reveals Rhiannon's identifier, which is ___________?

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    Bedazzling personality
    Beautiful soul
    Big tits
  11. Which movie does Olive's dad choose for her family to watch, as part of his "family member of the week" privilege?

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  12. Where are Olive and Rhiannon when Olive recounts how she lost her virginity to George?

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    The girls' bathroom
    Next to Olive's locker
    Gym class
  13. Which STD does Micah get from Mrs. Griffith?

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  14. What does Evan give Olive so that he can tell people they went to second base?

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    A Gap gift card
    $40 worth of movie passes to a foreign movie theatre
    A 20% off coupon to Bath and Body Works
    An Autozone gift card
  15. Olive is a big fan of '80s movies, but which '80s movie does she NOT reference in the course of the film?

    Sony Pictures / Via beyondhollywood.com
    Via therideronline.com
    "Say Anything"
    Via nowstreamingpod.com
    "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
    Via allmusic.com
    "The Breakfast Club"
    Via imbd.com
    "Pretty in Pink"

The Hardest "Easy A" Quiz You'll Ever Take

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