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34 Times "Parks And Rec" Got Way Too Real

I'm cried out, but I want to cry more, so I'm rehydrating.

1. When we knew Ben had feelings for Leslie.

2. When Andy liked April in a romantical kind of way.

3. When Ron comforted April in his very Ron way.

4. When Ron revealed what happened between him and Leslie.

5. And shortly thereafter, when Ron and Leslie became friends again.

♪ Laugh with me, buddy, jest with me, buddy

Don’t let her get the best of me, buddy

Don’t ever let me start feelin’ lonely ♪

6. And shortly after that, when their reunion culminated in the most perfect parallel.

7. When this heartbreaking moment occurred between Leslie and Ben.

8. When April and Andy exchanged vows.

9. When Leslie and Ben had their ethics hearing and also when we saw the result of that ethics hearing.

10. When April had this conversation with Ann before Ann left.

11. When Ann left.

12. When Leslie cast her vote.

13. When Leslie found out she won the City Council race.

14. When they hung Leslie's picture on the wall of City Council members.

15. And when Ben's belief in Leslie never wavered.

16. When Ben proposed to Leslie.

"I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is right now, at this exact moment."

17. When Ron was walking Leslie down the aisle no matter what.

18. When Ron said this to Leslie before the wedding.

19. When Chris gave Ben the most perfect sentimental gift.

20. And of course the entirety of Leslie and Ben's wedding.

21. When April nominated Leslie for the International Coalition of Women in Government Award and we got to hear the application she submitted.

"And if you’re lucky enough to be her friend, your life gets better every day. She spends every waking moment thinking of new ways to make her friends happy. She would walk to the end of the earth for me."

22. When April's icy and sarcastic exterior melted.

23. When Ann's house was demolished.

24. When Andy allayed April's fears about becoming adults.

25. And her worries about his happiness.

26. When Leslie had some big news to tell Ben.

27. When Leslie met Jack.

28. When Leslie helped Ron find something he felt good about and we saw the look of joy on Ron's face.

29. When Leslie and Ben had the perfect way of encouraging each other to follow their dreams.

30. When Li'l Sebastian died.

NBC / Via

♪ Bye, bye Li'l Sebastian. ♪

31. When Ben made this announcement.

32. When Garry became Mayor to the tune of "All My Life."


33. When Ann showed up in the series finale.

34. And the final moments of the final episode.

Thanks, Parks. We love you and we like you.

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