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11 Ways To Drink Like A Girl Scout

Finally, you can cut your co-worker's kid out of your cookie-based cycle of vice and self loathing. Plus shots! It's hard being a grown-up.

Linus Taup • 5 years ago

Cartoon Character Skeletons

These geeky anatomy lessons by Michael Paulus show us what lies underneath our favorite cartoon characters.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Anatomical Diagrams Of Japanese Monsters

Ever wonder what's in Godzilla? Well wonder no more!

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Zombie Meerkats

This is what happens if you watch too much 'The Walking Dead' after too much 'Meerkat Manor.' Thanks Netflix Instant. A comic by Paul K. Tunis.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Toddlers & Tiaras & Vermin: A Poem In Comics

Poetry-comic artist Paul K. Tunis's newest work of squids, deer, Sudoku and Warsaw rats.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

18 Krampus Images To Ruin Your Holidays

There are worse things than getting coal in your stocking. Some naughty children have to reckon with Krampus!

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Sinks Are Adorable Raccoon Beds

A British family contracts adorable case of rabies. "I my God, I've got his nose! Oh my God, my mouth is foaming."

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

The Art Of Destroyed Art

Artist Valerie Hegarty is a brilliant iconoclast (literally).

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

15 Hilarious Bozeman Police Reports

The police force in Bozeman, Montana, may have less to do than those in New York and Oakland, but their reports are better. These are the REAL police reports!

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Book Art That Will Melt Your Brain

Incredible art painstakingly crafted from old books by Brian Dettmer, aka the Book Surgeon.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Who Has The Most SWAG?

I've always had swag. People are constantly asking me, "Paul, what animal has the most swag?" To which I say, "Imaginary-guy-I-talk-to-on-my-phone-when-someone-with-a-clipboard-is-approaching-me, the answer is obvious, the platypus."

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Cheese Or Font?

Can you tell the difference?

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Adorable Red Pandas Can't Stop Kissing

Who wants to see two red pandas in a Japanese zoo getting unusually friendly?

Uzoo • 7 years ago

"Invader Zim" Un-aired Episodes LIVE

The cast of "Invader Zim" come together to perform episodes written before the show's cancellation. Via Comics Alliance

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Kreayshawn Vs. Mishka

Kreayshawn has difficulty keeping her skills sharp against the talented Mishka, the singing husky.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Test for Eye Mites

3D writing. To use eye chart stand at 1-2 foot distance with chart level to the viewer. Relax eyes allowing both to cross until Es overlap. Words may appear at various distances. If the patient uses eyeglasses for vision correction, the lenses should be worn during the test.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Snakes On a Uhaul

I'm tired of these monkey-flicking snakes...

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Fixing Lichtenstein

Pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein found a great deal of acclaim by placing enlarged, near-exact copies of comic book panels into a new context. I have reversed his process, putting his work back into a multi-panel comic. This is my best guess as to what the original piece was like.

Linus Taup • 7 years ago

Poetry About the Cloverfield Monster

Comics-poet Paul K. Tunis's poems about the cloverfield monster, subatomic physics, squid and a Kafka sequel.

Linus Taup • 8 years ago

Your Gerund is Showing

Gerund! When a verb behaves as a noun. It's grammar.

Linus Taup • 8 years ago