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The Art Of Destroyed Art

Artist Valerie Hegarty is a brilliant iconoclast (literally).

"Fallen Bierstadt," 2007

Foamcore, paint, glue, gel medium, canvas, wire, wood

Dimensions variable

"Rothko Sunset," 2007

Foamcore, canvas, paper, paint, glue, wire, tape, sand, gel medium

42" x 32" x 8"

"Niagara Falls," 2007

Foamcore, paper, paint, wood, glue, gel medium

150 x 300 x 65 cm

"Unearthed," 2008

Wood and mixed media

Approx. 36" x 22" x 10"

"Rothko Reflection," 2007

Foamcore, wood, wire, canvas, glue, paper, paint, gel medium, sand, tape

89" x 60" x 5"

"George Washington Shipwrecked," 2007

Foamcore, canvas, paper, paint, paste, mdf, gel medium

39" x 33" x 4"

"Cracked Canyon," 2007

Installation view, “On Being an Exhibition”, Artists Space, New York,

Photo: © Bill Orcutt 2007

"View from Thanatopsis," 2007

Installation view

Museum 52, London, England

"Bierstadt with Holes," 2007

Foam core, paper, paint, wood, glue, gel medium, plexiglass

103 x 85 x 7cm

"Driftwood Painting," 2006

Foamcore, paper, paint, glue, gel medium, plastic buckets, wood

Approx. 59" x 67" x 16"

"Still Lives with Crows," 2006

"Seascape," 2006

Installation view

Guild and Greyshkul, NY

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