11 Ways To Drink Like A Girl Scout

Finally, you can cut your co-worker's kid out of your cookie-based cycle of vice and self loathing. Plus shots! It's hard being a grown-up.

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1. Samoa Jello Shot

You swore off jello shots after that weird night at the Rotary Club when you woke up with a french braids and a stranger's scrunchie. But this classy little guy is too tempting.

3. Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Shot

In this one, a torch is used to toast the coconut. So be sure your sash has a fire safety badge before you start. Also, please don't steal girl scout badge sashes.

9. Samoa Cookie Cocktail

Observe how important it is to leave a cookie trail to your drink so you can find it later. E.T. kept eating those Reese's Pieces because he couldn't remember where he set his Sloe Gin Fizz.

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