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    31 Things For Anyone Who Loves To Read

    Staying at home means ~finally~ catching up on all those books you said you'd get around to reading.

    1. A fun reading journal so you can always remember what you read and how you felt about it. You can even get creative with sections like ''Literary Places I'd Like to Visit" and "Books I'd Like with Me if I Were Stranded on a Desert Island."

    2. A personal library kit that rekindles the magic of going to the library and the nostalgia of the old library card system. If you can't go to the library, bring the library to you! Use this to fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a librarian and keep track of every book you lend out. Cue throwback!

    3. An incredibly funny book of cocktail recipes based on famous novels. With endless literary jokes, witty comments, and titles like The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose, you'll just be squealing with delight.

    4. A pack of the cutest Harry Potter stickers you've ever seen. It's the golden trio as cats and I've never needed anything more.

    5. A copy of Other-Wordly, a lovely illustrated book from which you can discover untranslatable words in different languages: words that are beautiful and strange with equally beautiful meanings. Sunlight that filters through the leaves? Piles of unread books on your table? There are words for those!

    6. A delightful cookbook of recipes from your favorite books plus the passages they're featured in — if you've ever wanted to try a literary food, now's your chance. Ranging from carrot pudding (Charles Dickens) and Turkish delight (C.S. Lewis) to a yummy omelet (Louisa May Alcott), you'll be inspired to spend the day in the kitchen whippin' these up!

    7. An elegant customized bookplate and ink stamp so you can personalize all of your books and make your very own library.

    8. A tiny collectible storybook that retells your favorite beloved fairytale and features illustrations pulled straight from the films! You'll love seeing this in your book collection.

    9. An illustrated listography that acts as an autobiography for your literary life — it has over 70 list topics from standard things like books that made you cry to unconventional things like fictional crimes you've witnessed. It's super fun and guaranteed to keep you busy during the long days at home!

    10. A coloring book perf for bibliophiles — it's a great way to pass the time!

    11. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, a poignantly beautiful book that explores unlikely friendship and life’s universal lessons, and reminds you to be kind to yourself and have hope — especially during trying times. The story is handwritten and features over 100 sweet drawings!

    12. An adorable little book ladder that'll make a perfect decor piece for your desk or bookshelf.

    13. A pack of bookmarks featuring beautiful Chinese brush paintings — there's 30 in this pack so whether you lose one or whether you're reading five books at once, you'll never run out of bookmarks to use!

    14. A literary insults chart that displays a collection of colorful insults from different authors in an interconnected map — they range from sassy to sophisticated to downright gasp-worthy, and will give you a great laugh every time you see it.

    15. A fun library card-themed tote bag you can keep all your books in.

    16. A ceramic vase that'll be a companion for the one who's always reading or writing. It's made to look like a book (already so unique, guys) and it's perfect for showing off flowers, office supplies, anything!

    17. A bookish enamel pin to decorate your jacket and showcase your bookish love to the world.

    18. A lovely candle that smells of coffee, chocolate, pastries, and books to transport you to the smells and atmosphere of your favorite cafe or coffee shop — since we can't really go there ourselves right now, we can dream!

    19. A bookish pair of socks to snuggle your feet when you're all cozied up by the fire with your favorite book and a cup of tea *sighs dreamily*

    20. An amazing card catalog notecard set from the Library of Congress! The notecards are replicas of the original cards used in the Library of Congress to keep track of literary classics — and it comes in a card catalog box!

    21. Novel-themed black teas tagged with classic literary quotes to boost your reading experience by a thousand.

    22. A monthly YA book subscription box that throws in self-care goodies so your stress levels from staying in all the time will go down. More into classics? There's a box that combines classics with coffee or tea. And even one for horror fans so you'll always have a book you're sure to enjoy!

    23. A book locket that'll actually hold a personalized secret message inside when you open it...just like in the those romantic movies (that are usually based on romantic novels)!

    24. A set of ornate bookplates so you can label your books and (gracefully) let everyone know who owns them. Each bookplate features a literary quote and a pretty illustration!

    25. A small and flexible reading light that lessens the strain on your eyes so you can pull all-nighters reading your favorite books in complete darkness without disturbing anyone. And without going blind.

    26. A wooden page-holder to make the life of a bookworm easier all around. With this, you can hold those don't-want-to-stay-open books open with just one hand, leaving the other free to indulge in your coffee addiction. Hey, we're not judging.

    27. A gorgeous weathered bundle of books that — wait for it — is *not* real; it's decor! How sophisticated would this look as a centerpiece? I'll tell you: a lot.

    28. A pair of distressed-style trendy quotation earrings for the minimalist reader or writer (or both). They're cute, eye-catching, and simple enough for everyday wear.

    29. A stunning lithograph poster that weaves the entire text of a novel into the artwork. From afar, you'll see an illustration of a scene from the novel — go closer and you can read the entire book! Your bookworm friends will be oh so jealous.

    30. A scratch-off bucket list poster of 100 books to read — it'll be a blast getting through each title and scratching off the panel to reveal the image underneath. If you don't like classics, there's a children's books version too!

    31. A miniature book necklace that can be customized to your favorite book cover so you'll never be without it.

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