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    29 Products To Make Going To Bed A Real Treat

    I don't know about you but our beds calls to us every minute of the day.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An ethereal color-changing moon lamp that emulates soft moonlight so you can recreate the feeling of sleeping under a full moon. You'll be excited for bedtime just so you can turn this on!

    2. A combo pack of 16 Dermal sheet masks containing vitamin E and collagen for supple, hydrated skin. Each one targets different concerns so you can choose whichever one your skin needs that day, kick back, and rest while the mask does its work. Perf skin overnight? Yes, please!

    3. Magical waterproof fairy lights to hang on your walls or curtains so any room will instantly be transformed into a dazzling and cozy fairy den.

    4. A small lotus aroma diffuser that doubles as a night light. Use refreshing scents like rain, ocean, and bamboo to give your room a cozy, cool atmosphere you can fall asleep in. Moreover, it'll humidify dry air, and serve as a perfectly pretty piece of decor. I don't know about you but I need this. Like, now.

    the lotus diffuser

    5. A pack of light-dimming covers to mellow all the bright LEDs around your home and the harsh glares from your electronics so you won't spend another night tossing and turning in bed.

    6. Novel-themed black teas tagged with classic literary quotes so you can lose yourself in old eras, characters, and stories with a hot cup of rich, flavorful tea. It'll boost your reading-in-bed experience by a thousand.

    the tea packages

    7. A vintage-looking five-year journal for some self-therapy — you can jot down your thoughts, clear your head, and have a little something to look back on when they're reminiscing on yourself five years from now — all before bed!

    the cover

    8. A pair of cozy memory foam slippers. You can pad around in them while doing your sheet mask before bed or even all day. Who's judging?

    reviewer wearing slippers

    9. A crescent moon mirror if you want to go geometric and have something up on your wall as decor that'll relax you at the same time!

    the moon mirror

    10. A house-shaped tissue box to keep on your bedside table so you'll actually enjoy reaching over every time you need a tissue.

    the house shaped box

    11. A bed and linen spray infused with relaxing scents like lavender and eucalyptus to promote sleep and comfort, and lift your mood so you can float off to happy dreams every night.

    the bottle

    12. A self-care subscription box because hello, you deserve star treatment and you'll be damned if you don't give that to yourself! Pamper yourself with the rare oil treatment, the honey-infused bath salts, and more.

    the contents of the box

    13. A flameless LED candle set so you'll get the glow-tastic effect of lit candles and pretty candlelight without the fire hazard that comes along with them! Yay for new inventions!

    the candle set

    14. Or, if you prefer real candles, this one, aptly named The Beach Cottage Candle, that'll take you straight to the land of salty ocean, hot sand, and thunderstorms. Light it up before bed and immerse yourself.

    the candle

    15. A set of real handpicked potted succulents so you can add some fresh greenery to your space, which'll allow for a more relaxing sleep. Plus, it's fine even if you have the worst green thumb: these succulents don't require fertilizer!

    16. A cooling gel adaptive foam pillow that supports your head, neck, and shoulders, and remains cool so you don't have to flip the pillow over and can enjoy a comfortable night of sleep every night. One reviewer even described it as feeling like sleeping on "clouds of comfort!" Well, shucks, I'm sold.

    the pillow

    17. A rose salt soak to help soothe stress and tiredness, and clear your busy little head. It has a relaxing scent and organic ingredients loaded with antioxidants and vitamins so there's no hesitation in trying.

    the rose salts

    18. A cool mist humidifier that'll help that stuffy nose and dry winter skin overnight. Wake up nice and dewy!

    the humidifier

    19. A cozy headband with built-in headphones so you can fall asleep to Justin Bieber's "Yummy." Whatever floats your boat, ya' know?

    Model wearing the gray headband

    20. A small sound spa that'll play soothing sounds like ocean waves, rain, and wind to lull you to sleep. With 20 sounds and 30 volume levels, you'll def find your sweet spot!

    the sound spa in white

    21. A super soft throw blanket you can curl up in and be so warm and cozy you'll never want to leave the bed. And is that such a bad thing?

    The blanket in white

    22. A set of blackout curtains so even when the sun comes out, you can stay in denial and keep yourself burrowed under your covers.

    23. A flexible reading light that'll lessen the strain on your eyes so you can pull all-nighters reading your favorite books in complete darkness.

    the book light

    24. A weighted blanket to feel calm and comfortable, help decrease sleep troubles like insomnia and anxiety, and basically sleep like a baby 😴.

    25. A foot spa with heat bubbles and massaging rollers to truly indulge your feet and your mind.

    the foot spa

    26. A gentle Klairs Calming Cream that comes in a pretty midnight blue color. It hydrates and calms irritated, stressed skin as well as sunburnt skin, shaving irritation, acne, and redness. The main ingredient derives from chamomile oil and gives the cream its ~magical~ color.

    27. A height-adjustable laptop desk so you can keep on surfin' and streamin' even in bed. This fits your laptop along with snacks, tea, a book, and more.

    model using laptop desk on couch

    28. A memory-foam mattress topper for the most lush and dreamy sleep experience of your life, especially if your current mattress just isn't cutting it on its own.

    the mattress topper

    29. An oh-so-soft down-alternative comforter you'll never want to share.

    the comforter

    You settling into bed with all of these:

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