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    If You Hate Leaving Your Bed, You 100% Need This Laptop Desk

    Perfecting that sloth lifestyle one day at a time.

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    Sometimes friends just get you as a person, aka they buy you a birthday present they saw in one of your BuzzFeed posts (shout-out to Jon!) — this amazing adjustable bamboo laptop desk.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    You know your personal brand is really strong when friends understand just how much you fucking love your bed and how you will spend basically entire days in it. Not just for sleeping, of course — but also eating (crumbs are simply a part of life), doing work, watching TV, pondering life's deepest questions, etc.

    But subjecting my thighs to an overheated laptop (and hearing my mom yell at me from 800 miles away)? No thanks!

    Enter this highly rated gem.

    Joyce Lee / BuzzFeed

    Ahem: It has 650 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon, but who's counting?

    This desk solves all of my problems, which mostly consist of me not wanting to leave my bed EVER and needing a sturdy surface to marathon YouTube videos and dramas on. Better yet, I can snuggle underneath my blanket (my ideal state of living) and wiggle my legs around whenever they start to fall asleep.

    And the angle/height options! Depending on whether or not I'm sitting up or sunk way down, I'll either use it flat or elevate the desk — there are different notches to achieve your preferred angle, as well as a removable wooden ledge to prevent your laptop from avalanching onto your chest. There's also carved-out patterning to provide ventilation, which I think helps *to an extent* (but when I have roughly 223 tabs open, I'm not so sure). It's just so damn easy and comfy to use!

    There's also enough room on the desk next to the adjustable portion for your phone and some snacks, as well as a little round indent for a cup of water (or wine, in my case). And finally, there's a little drawer that slides out on the side for storing something really small (or the aforementioned ledge when you don't need it). When I'm not using the desk, I just pop it underneath my bed (aka my substitute/real closet). Some days I wake up and scoop up my desk right away, which is very convenient and also my way of living my best life.

    If you need further convincing, it's also the desk of choice for people who work at home (and anywhere but a desk), as evidenced by the promising review below.

    "I work at home on a full-time basis as a freelance writer and pretty much exclusively work via my laptop. I also tend to work on my bed, the couch, the porch, or in similar spots. (I guess I'm one of those people that just doesn't really dig sitting bolt upright at a proper desk.) That said, I really needed to upgrade from the old reading cushion I'd been using to a proper lap table.

    At first, I wasn't sure about the wood as a surface. I was worried the laptop might not stay put properly, but that's not a problem at all. It hasn't so much as shifted out of place once, even with my constant moving around. My preferred position is to sit with my legs crisscrossed in bed with the laptop on my lap, and I can actually position my legs that way underneath this desk easily and comfortably. I'm also realizing it's MUCH easier to have the computer supported by the desk than my actual legs by a landslide. I'm already feeling certain chronic aches and pains starting to ease up a bit as a result." —Snickersnee

    (Review has been edited for length and clarity.)

    Me literally every day:

    Paramount Pictures

    And even when I'm feeling great, I'll...just feel great in bed! So there you have it: writer-recommended, sloth-person-tested and -approved.

    Get one from Amazon for $33.99.

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