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    26 Products To Help Add More Personality To A Small Apartment

    Because if your home doesn't scream y-o-u, is it really your home?

    1. A pair of artsy bookends that'll look elegant while working hard to keep your books from toppling off your shelf and accidentally knocking you out.

    2. A blueprint poster of Cinderella's castle to add a spellbinding touch to your (probably-not-spellbinding-because-you-don't-have-this-yet) walls.

    3. A sleek stone black cat figurine that'll look beautiful anywhere you put it and prove to your friends that black cats are *not* unlucky.

    4. A dumpling snack light to just be way too adorable for its own good. Seriously, look at that lovable little face. Who does it think it is?

    5. A coffee mug designed with a sloth who totally gets you. Add this to the mug collection on your kitchen counter or show it off on your bookshelf so everyone will get to meet your new sloth friend.

    6. A cute little elephant planter to add some green to your space because going to the park is just too much work.

    7. A wall decal of pretty birch trees to give your apartment a fairytale setting so you can pretend you're a traveller in a dark wood in the middle of winter.

    8. An antique-style table clock looks like it belongs in a haunted mansion or period piece. Place it any room for an instant (and dramatic) *oomph* in character.

    9. A striking wall tapestry that will brighten up any room and make you wish you could enter the painting and explore the lake and trees. Guess the park will have to do...

    10. A woven wall hanging for an effortless exhibit of color and pattern on your rather plain (read: dull) room.

    11. A pretty macramé wall mirror to add a boho touch to any room or corner in your apartment. It also looks fancy enough that you can trick everyone into thinking you paid a lot more for it than you actually did.

    12. A small lighted cherry blossom tree that will look absolutely charming in any room and won't take up too much space. Who needs real flowers that will wilt in two days when you can have tiny LED versions of them?

    13. A super cozy, super bright pompom throw blanket for an inviting burst of color to your home. It's like fruit punch but in blanket form. Now, when you hide behind it while binge-watching the new season of AHS, you can do it in style.

    14. A brass panel curtain tie-back shaped like tree branches. It's great for perfecting the whole "fairytale setting" vibe, amirite?

    15. An absolutely magical, almost otherworldly-looking 3D neon lamp that is quite possibly enchanted and might put you under a spell if you stare at it too long.

    16. A super cute lamp with a figure of No-Face Man from Spirited Away to guard you through the night and make you smile every time you see it.

    17. A three-tiered floating shelf with wrought iron pipes for a super cool look that can veer toward industrial, rustic, steampunk, vintage, vampirish...the sky's the limit, they say.

    18. Waterproof fairy lights so any room in your home will instantly be transformed into a dazzling and cozy fairy den.

    19. A leafy seat cushion to turn your apartment even more into an indoor plant sanctuary. Also good for when you don't have room (or money) for another couch. Hacks, anyone?

    20. A vivid and versatile catchall tray to take care of the small things in your small space and add all the whimsy and color you need in your life.

    21. A crescent moon plant holder so you'll always have the moon in your home even if you can't see it out your window because your view is the plain brick wall of the apartment building next door.

    22. A fluffy faux fur mini rug for pampering your feet or your butt, depending on where you put it.

    23. A snarky candle that just tells it like it is and will always get a chuckle out of you and anyone else who sees it.

    24. A numberless minimalist wall clock for when you still want to make a statement but don't want to make it look like you tried too hard.

    25. A vibrantly painted stoneware vase that will make you feel ten times more sophisticated and like you're totally winning at adulting, even if you're not (but the vase doesn't need to know that).

    26. A framed little chalkboard you can tack up anywhere and use to display your own chalk art, write your to-do lists, or put your own spin on cliché inspirational quotes. Though, can you really beat "Live, laugh, and love?"

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