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    23 Products That Might Make You Do A Double Take

    These products are so good you'll want to take a closer look.

    1. A rapid egg cooker that'll make you do a double take because of how many eggs it holds and how it simplifies every egg-based meal you set about to make, including omelets, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled — the works! Can it really be that easy? You bet.

    2. A lazy Susan turntable because oh, you think it only fits just a few bottles? Spin it around! Not only do you finally get an organized cabinet and countertop but you can just spin this round like you do in a store when you need to see what's in the back without unloading 20 bottles and cans to find one sauce.

    3. A standing desk converter to make everyone else looking again. You can effortlessly go from sitting to stretching your legs in seconds.

    4. A reusable Revlon oil-absorbing face roller made of real volcanic stone that'll give your old oil blotting papers a run for their money! Yeah, this face roller doesn't just massage your face — it soaks up oil instantly and mattifies your skin with or without makeup. Leave the blotting paper users in the dust and move into the future!

    5. A cool sitting ball because chairs are very last season. This'll not only help relieve back pain but also engage your abs and core, promote good posture, and help you stretch. Easiest way to work out while sitting, I daresay!

    Model sitting on the chair

    6. A cat pouch hoodie that might make you and everyone else do a double take once they see a kitty inside. And now you never have to go anywhere without your furry lil bud. Need snuggles? Just bring your cat with you.

    7. These fun zombie face masks because hello? They make you look like a zombie! But they also help minimize fine lines, tighten pores, firm skin, and improve texture. It's a perf way to do skincare during your scary movie night!

    8. A cute and convenient kitchen timer that'll make you do a double take because it so does not look like a kitchen timer. You won't be panicking and running about wildly as your food burns or spills over — stuff like that is totally avoidable with something like this. You will get your pecan pie or Thai fried rice to come out perfectly.

    a small green timer that looks like a stand mixer

    9. A mini fridge you will come to highly appreciate when you're ~in the zone~ and cannot risk a distracting trip to the kitchen. Not only is it cute to have in your room but you'll be able to stock your fave snacks for the day and have all you need!

    10. A washable glove that's not just a glove — it's also for grooming! This makes grooming easy because it'll trick your pet into thinking you're giving them a loving massage when actually, you're doing that and removing all the loose hair so your house stays pet hair-free.

    The grooming glove full of hair in front of a French bulldog

    11. A ~surreal~ iridescent mermaid scrunchie to elevate your daily (read: boring) ponytail or bun in a totally dreamy way. Leave it on your wrist as a pretty accessory too! It kinda looks like it came from underwater, no?

    the iridescent scrunchies in small and large

    12. A bug bite suction tool for almost instant relief from itchiness. It removes insect venom, saliva, and other irritants left by a bite. No chemicals needed! Just whip this out instead of a spray so you'll finally be able to step out for some sun without fear of returning with a million mosquito bites.

    13. A reversible cat scratcher lounge bed others might mistake as house decor! Give your furry pal a fun and comfy place to rest, play, and get out their scratching urges so your couch stays tear-free. This includes catnip, is spacious enough for multiple cats, and has lots of scratching space. Plus, its funky design adds to your room decor too. One reviewer hung them up as cat shelves, which would make anyone do a double take.

    14. A lap desk to beat all lap desks. The built-in mouse pad, wrist pad, and a phone/tablet holder will def have you looking twice. Now, wherever you are in the house, whether it's your couch, in bed, or at the kitchen table, your productivity levels will stay top-notch!

    The lap desk

    15. An absolutely striking crushed opal ring with a gold elk antler inlay because it'll look like the stuff of fairy mist and dreams on your finger — just look at that stone!

    the ring with the shining stone

    16. An eyebrow soap kit to make your natural brows look so thick and fluffy (à la Lily Collins) that you'll be doing a double take in the mirror. It sets brow hairs in place with its natural formula so you don't even need to go in with extra color or shading if that's not your thing. If you've wanted to rock fluffy, natural brows since forever, now's your chance!

    Progression photo showing reviewer's natural brows, the brows with the soap applied, and the brows with soap and powder applied

    17. These cute cotton ruffle cuffed ankle socks that aren't regular socks. They'll peek through the tops of your shoes and look super stylish. A great upgrade from regular ones.

    18. Or these lovely sheer ankle socks to really ~step~ your shoe game up. Everyone will look twice when they notice the unusually pretty see-through patterns!

    white sheer socks with yellow flowers on them

    19. A garlic chopper that'll give you one less daunting task in the kitchen to worry about. Instead of using a knife, just roll this little guy! It saves you chopping time and prevents your hands from smelling like garlic after.

    reviewer holding chopper filled with chopped garlic

    20. A pack of food spikes for indoor plants because you know what? You're tired of taking care of houseplants and you just don't have the green thumb for it. Did you know these existed? They'll feed and grow your plants with no other work on your part!

    the spikes

    21. A BYO Blush, a one-of-a-kind color-changing vegan and cruelty-free blush oil that reacts to the pH of your skin and actually changes color to adjust to your tone! You get a pretty flush and your own shade of blush perf just for you. That means you literally don't even need to think about if the blush matches your fit for the day. It's also made with skincare ingredients so you can *gasp* sleep in it and wake up with good skin!

    22. A super pretty rainbow prism suncatcher you can hang up so when the sun catches them, you'll be looking twice at the tiny little rainbows that'll really perk your mood up!

    23. These test tube bath salts made with dried flowers and herbs, pure essential oils, and Himalayan salt for a soothing bath and a cool storage idea!

    the bath salts

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