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    26 Things That May Make You Look In The Mirror And Think "Damn, I'm Fine"

    Because you are *fine* and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    1. A belt with a decorative buckle that makes a statement even on the most understated looks — while still remaining functional. Who said belts have to be boring? Just buckle up and go!

    2. A glowy and lightweight Son & Park Beauty Filter Cream to illuminate skin with pearl and flower extracts like rose and jasmine so it looks like you put a real-life filter on it! It'll soften, moisturize, even and brighten skin tone, and help control sebum. A dream cream if you will, that'll ensure you look as radiant as the moon 🌙.

    3. An elegant ear cuff that'll add high doses of charm and grace with minimal effort. Isn't that always the goal?

    4. A pair of ultra-stylish heart sunglasses – the only statement accessory you'll ever need. Plus, with these, you'll instantly be elevated to movie-star status.

    5. A lovely Tangled-themed makeup kit that includes a rosy-plum liquid lipstick and pink blush for those days when you just want to look in the mirror and feel like a princess.

    6. A tube of liquid lipstick to really make a statement with your lips and completely dress you up, even when the rest of you is dressed down.

    7. A sheer mock turtleneck that'll leave everyone starstruck the moment you walk in.

    8. A simple clip-on nose ring to up your cool-girl vibes and have everyone thinking you actually got a nose piercing. No pain but all the gain, baby.

    9. A super cute Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blush — a perfect way to show how much you ❤️heart❤️ yourself. The cushion formula is sheer and blendable so you never have to worry about going too heavy-handed and ending up with clown cheeks.

    10. A natural sea mist texturizing salt spray for beachy volume and texture like you just spent your day swimming in the sea and now look bomb.

    11. A romper that'll make you the talk of the town.

    12. A buildable and breathable bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation because hear me out: this goes from powder to cream, melts into your skin like a dream, and gives a fresh, luminous finish. It's super easy to apply, has SPF 15, and leaves you with glowy, silky skin so you'll be like damn, that's my skin? 😱

    13. A set of vintage-style hair clips to elevate even the simplest hairstyle.

    14. A super pretty rose lace chemise set that'll make even you do a double-take in the mirror and be like "Who is that queen?"

    15. An iridescent champagne highlighter for when you want that golden-goddess glow.

    16. A satin bodysuit to take on your nights out with a bang.

    17. A gorgeous Peripera liquid eyeshadow because everyone needs some sparkle in their life — life's too short not to sparkle! Pssst — it's also a perfect dupe for Stila's Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.

    18. A crop top that's just perf for the spring (and summer). You can rock this in so many ways!

    19. A matte lipstick in the shades of sunset to make its pretty colors part of your makeup look and make everyone around you ask, "Where'd you get it?"

    20. An embroidered bell sleeve dress that can be as sweet as it can be sexy!

    21. A buttery lip gloss for a high shine, super kissable pout.

    22. A classic jean jacket because this is what will complete every outfit in your closet ever.

    23. A dewy, non-sticky multipurpose glow balm that you can use anywhere you want to add a glowy, glossy highlight. It can be a blinding wet glow or a natural shine — your choice! Put it on your cheekbones, eyelids, lips, collarbones, wherever you want, and wow yourself.

    24. A ruffled dress just made for strutting.

    25. A breezy jumpsuit that you can slip on and walk out the door, knowing you look good.

    26. And a flowy bamboo skirt you'll find an excuse to wear in all seasons.

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