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10 Kitchen Accessories For The Literary Foodie

Literature lover? Foodie? We’ve uncovered some must-have items for your kitchen.

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1. Wuthering Heights Quote Plate

Mr TeaCup on Etsy / Via

Featuring fragments of literature handwritten on porcelain, these plates are almost too lovely to store in a cupboard. Whether you choose to display them on your walls, or save them for a romantic dinner for two, no literary kitchen should be without Wuthering Heights plates if you ask us. Other book quotes are available, too.

4. Pride and Prejudice Cookie Cutters

Printmeneer on Etsy / Via

Entering a baking competition? Hosting a tea party? Throwing a bridal shower? Making snacks for your book club? These Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy cookie cutters will ensure an instant win in pretty much any baking scenario life could ever throw at you.

5. George’s Marvellous Medicine Print

The Roald Dahl Shop / Via

A constant reminder that experimenting with crazy concoctions can sometimes have fantastical results (maybe leave the floor polish out of the tomato soup though).

6. Agatha Christie Tea Towel

The Literary Gift Company / Via

Everybody loathes doing dishes but, as Agatha Christie reminded us in the introduction of her 1947 short story collection The Labours of Hercules: "The really safe and satisfactory place to work out a story in your mind is when you are washing up".

7. Tequila Mockingbird

Modcloth / Via

Tequila Mockingbird is the ultimate cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes – paired with wry commentary on history's most beloved novels – the book also includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations throughout. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to have a good ‘ole bookish knees up with your pals.

8. Sherlock Holmes Cookie Cutters

totalum on Etsy / Via

We think the traditional Sherlock Holmes Cookie Cutters are great, but if you’re a fan of the recent BBC adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective series, there are Benedict Cumberbatch cutters available, too. Don’t act like you don’t like the idea of being able to nibble Benedict’s ear for a mere few dollars. We know your game.

9. Banned Book Matches

The Literary Gift Company / Via

This charming set of five matchboxes celebrates books that were once banned. Thought it was okay to burn books did you, history? Yeah? Well now we’re going to burn … candles … and incense … and stuff. How do you like that?

10. Madeleine Pan

Amazon / Via

Make like Proust and get your madeleine on with this very reasonably priced pan. “An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin,” he said of the little shell-shaped sponge cakes. Again, perfect for your book club potluck.