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    26 Perfect Telenovela GIFs For Absolutely Every Situation

    So. Many. Emotions.

    1. When you walk in on your S.O. about to eat the last slice of pizza from the night before – the pizza you've been thinking about ALL DAY:

    2. When you're at the bus stop and can't remember whether you locked the front door or not:

    3. Discovering your fiancé wants a Pokemon-themed wedding:

    4. When your favorite TV show gets removed from Netflix:

    5. After having a lengthy conversation about how "real men" don't cry, you and your buddy watch your soccer team get slaughtered during the championship game:

    6. When you're walking down a neighborhood and then a car drives by blasting some Chris Brown music:

    7. When you find out Ryan Gosling is gonna be a baby daddy and it ain't with you:

    8. When you've been smoking way too much weed and you accidentally fart in public:

    9. When you're about to start the last Harry Potter book and then someone rudely gives away the ending:

    10. When someone posts 35 inspirational quotes on Facebook in less than an hour:

    11. When you're at your crush's apartment and then their cat scratches your face, but you try playing it cool even though it stings like hell:

    12. When you're browsing through someone's photos on Facebook and you accidentally "like" a really old photo, outing yourself as a Facebook stalker even though all you ever do is make fun of Facebook stalkers:

    13. When your S.O. reveals to you they hate football, Star Wars, and Subway sandwiches:

    14. When you stub your toe in public but you don't want anyone to know it hurt like a motherfucker:

    15. When you're minding your own business, being like, "Whatever, I'm fabulous," and then the pizza delivery dude arrives at your door:

    16. But the pizza isn't for you and you're just like:

    17. Discovering you were the only person in your friend group who wasn't invited to go grinding on random strangers:

    18. When you're like, "I fucked up." So you do everything in your power to get back with your ex:

    19. When Sallie Mae sends you a bill six months after you graduate from college and you immediately regret the last four years:

    20. When you're trying to say something extremely emotional and important, but you start choking on your own saliva:

    21. When you go to an art gallery opening, only to realize they're NOT serving wine. Or Beer. Or anything free:

    22. The moment you realize that you left your hand sanitizer at home and your OCD starts to kick in:

    23. When you're scrolling through Facebook and find out your ex has moved on and is getting married and having his third child and getting a mortgage on a new house:

    24. When you've been craving a Sausage McMuffin all night and you set your alarm to wake you up in the morning, but the alarm never goes off and you get to McDonald's at 10:31 a.m.:

    25. That awkward moment when you're chillin' with a homie and then you suddenly develop psychic abilities and you can now read his mind, which at first you're like, "Hey. This is cool!" only to realize that it's actually not:

    26. And finally, when you're having a staring contest with a young Ron Swanson: