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    Here Are 50 Weird Landmarks From Each US State That'll Make You Chuckle

    Everything is bigger in the US.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which odd "Not-So-Famous" landmarks are popular in their state. Here are some of the best results:

    1. Alabama: The "Go to Church or the Devil Will Get You!" Sign

    rutheryn / Via

    "I live in Alabama, and the most famous, non-famous landmark we have is a sign that literally reads 'Go to church or the devil will get you.' It was built along I-65 north of Prattville by William "Bill" Newell, for reasons that are unknown to literally everyone in the state." — AnnaBlackwell

    2. Alaska: The Abandoned Igloo Hotel

    henry.heerschap / Via

    "In Alaska, there is an abandoned hotel/gas station in the form of a giant igloo on the George Parks highway. While beautiful in its surrounding landscape, it tends to be very creepy when driving alone." — amymatthewsp

    3. Arizona: The Turquoise McDonald's Sign

    alliehay / Via, louie_thetherapyfrenchie / Via

    "Sedona has the only McDonald's in the world with turquoise arches instead of yellow." — Desiree Valenzuela, Facebook

    4. Arkansas: Christ of the Ozarks

    rozie10263 / Via

    "The Christ of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a giant Jesus statue on a 700-acre campus where they also hold Passion plays year-round." — b43e4d353c

    5. California: The Alien Fresh Jerky Store

    dizie_lizie / Via, brokendays00 / Via

    "Anyone who lives in Southern California and drives to Las Vegas has to go through the little town of Baker, CA. There’s restaurants, gas stations, and THE ALIEN FRESH JERKY STORE. It used to be a hole-in-the-wall building, but as the jerky and store’s popularity has grown, it’s been remodeled to look like a space ship, with alien street lights and a huge robot sign. Honestly, it’s the best jerky I’ve ever had, too!" — marleep3

    6. Colorado: The 419.99 Mile Marker

    casbuscus / Via

    "I live in Colorado, and we USED to have a 420 mile marker on our N/S highway. Long story short, people kept stealing it, so now we have 419.99 instead." — thepyrocat00

    7. Connecticut: The Frog Bridge

    "The Frog Bridge in Willimantic, Connecticut has four of these guys on a bridge in the middle of town. They sit on enormous thread spools because the town was known for its thread manufacturing back in the day, and frogs because of one summer night in 1754: the whole town was awakened by a dreadful noise. Convinced they were under attack, a group of men took their guns, crept out, and bravely fired into the dark in the general direction of the noise. Daylight revealed their attackers as hundreds of frogs, now mostly dead. And now there's a bridge so we never forget. In the winter, they get scarves!" — miznortonbuswell

    8. Delaware: The Giant Medical Bag with Stethoscope

    50states42days / Via

    "In Newark, Delaware, we have a giant medical bag with a stethoscope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" — marabear03

    9. Florida: The I-4 Eyesore

    laura_jean66 / Via

    "Everybody who lives in or near Orlando knows about the 'I-4 eyesore' that’s been under construction since 2001. Bigger landmark than Disney World for Central Floridians." — ayelauren

    10. Georgia: The Big Chicken

    "In Georgia we have the Big Chicken! It’s a KFC that literally has a giant mechanical chicken on it. The eyes spin around and the beak opens and closes. If you’re giving directions for the area then it’s the perfect landmark." — cadianastasiam

    11. Hawaii: The World's Largest Plant Maze

    aloha_912 / Via,

    Editor's Note: No one picked anything for Hawaii. So, I present to you the Pineapple Garden Maze at the Dole pineapple plantation. It was declared the world's largest maze in 2008 by the Guinness Book of Records.

    12. Idaho: Dog Bark Park Inn

    "I stayed at the Dog Bark Park Inn! It is very reasonably priced and a really fun theme. The bathroom is located under the dog's tail!" — s4b8bc1fb7

    13. Illinois: Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower

    "In Collinsville, Illinois, we have the world's largest catsup bottle. It’s been up for about 60 years now. There’s even a fan club for it, and also a big festival. Illinois is pretty weird." — mireilles3

    14. Indiana: World's Largest Ball of Paint

    lifebycarrie / Via

    "Alexandria, Indiana has the world’s largest ball of paint just hanging in some guy’s garage. You can go and add a layer of paint to keep the ~magic~ going." — camiraeb

    15. Iowa: Albert the Bull

    malenecr / Via

    "Albert, the World's Largest Bull, was built in Audubon Iowa in 1964. He’s 28-feet tall and has a 15-foot span between horns. He also has giant concrete balls that sometimes get painted blue because, you know, teenagers." — tashaf43e8e23e8

    16. Kansas: World's Largest Ball of Twine

    saradiane97 / Via

    "WORLD'S LARGEST BALL OF TWINE!" — jessicalynl

    17. Kentucky: Florence Y'all Water Tower,

    "In Florence, Kentucky, we have the Florence Y’all water tower. It used to say Florence Mall and they had to change it. It is what Florence is known for now!" — bradleyd4d40430ed

    18. Louisiana

    zenedawhite / Via

    Editor's Note: No one submitted anything for Louisiana. So, I picked out the Singing Oak, down the road from the New Orleans Museum of Art. The tree has a bunch of wind chimes hanging from the branches, and are painted black so it blends with the tree. If you sit underneath it, you'll feel relaxed in no time.

    19. Maine: The L.L. Bean Boot

    watchlindsgetfit / Via

    "There's a giant L.L. Bean boot outside of L.L Bean in Freeport, ME. There is also the Bean Bootmobile that goes to different events and stuff throughout the state." — mollysamson12

    20. Maryland: The Gravestone of Elijah Jefferson Bond

    "The creator of the ouija board, Elijah Jefferson Bond, is buried in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore. This is the headstone." — michellep41befc93e

    21. Massachusetts

    susanminlee / Via, mrs.pope9212 / Via

    "The iconic ‘Orange Dinosaur’ has stood for years overlooking Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. The dinosaur was a part of a mini golf complex for decades, until last year when the mini golf closed. A developer bought the land and the plan was to put in a retail/apartment complex. The community rallied together to keep the dinosaur where it belongs. They ended up moving the dinosaur — but only a few feet away on top of a retaining wall so the landmark can be enjoyed for generations to come. Gotta love Massachusetts." — tescherrer

    22. Michigan: The M-185 highway

    thewguitar / Via

    "In Michigan’s Mackinac Island, you’ll find the M-185, the only state highway in the US where motor vehicles are banned. That’s because no vehicles are allowed on the island (with the exception of emergency vehicles) so instead the highway is used for walking, cyclling, and horses." — tomkat41

    23. Minnesota: Spoonbridge and Cherry

    izbiz4999 / Via

    "The spoon and cherry sculpture outside the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis." — sophiet47f805b44

    24. Mississippi: Birthplace of Elvis Presley

    wondergaba / Via

    "In Tupelo, Mississippi, we have Elvis Presley's birth home. It's very, very small and takes all of three minutes to tour, but we hold pride in that." — chloet450577265

    25. Missouri: The World's Largest Fork

    youneedahalliday / Via

    "The world's largest fork in Springfield, Missouri! It's pretty hard to find, but it's really interesting!" — abigailw4b67a9ae8

    26. Montana: Safeguard Montana Complex

    "'The Million Dollar Fuck-Up' is an old failed military missile project place that is super creepy, in the middle of nowhere — close to Tiber Dam — and now used as a location to play paintball and party." — Sarah Knab

    27. Nebraska: Carhenge

    "For Nebraska, I would say that it would probably be Carhenge, outside of Alliance, which is a re-creation of Stonehenge but with cars. There are also some scrap metal dinosaurs there for some reason." — danakleinjan

    28. Nevada: Area 51 Alien Mailbox

    clau.167 / Via

    Editor's Note: No one submitted for Nevada, so I'm picking this kinda creepy, kinda weird, kinda oddly charming mailbox in the middle of Rachel, Nevada, 12 miles from the famous Area 51. It's the only landmark for 40 miles, and it's a good meeting spot for UFO enthusiasts.

    29. New Hampshire: America's Stonehenge

    roadtriptammy / Via, andrew_quinney / Via

    "In Salem, New Hampshire, there’s a site called America’s Stonehenge. It looks nothing like the actual Stonehenge but it's a cool little historic site with good hiking and snowshoeing trails." — maggim4a089097e

    30. New Jersey: Lucy the Elephant

    "When I was little they used to let visitors climb to the top of Lucy the Elephant, but after Hurricane Sandy, not so much anymore. She's in Margate City, south of Atlantic City, 65 feet tall, has hours of visitation, and used to function as multiple businesses." — Lizzie Myers, Facebook

    31. New Mexico: The World's Largest Pistachio

    theocboston / Via

    "In New Mexico, we have this dumbass pistachio statue in Alamogordo. It's known as the 'World's Largest Pistachio' and it's next to the main road in the area." — raliev

    32. New York: The Big Duck

    foocow / Via

    "The Big Duck is a duck-shaped building that was built in the 1930s as a place to sell ducks and duck eggs. Before World War II, Long Island was sparsely populated farmland, and duck farms were very common. With the rise of suburbs, the duck farms began vanishing, but the Big Duck still reminds us of our farmland roots. Our local baseball team is even called the Long Island Ducks." — ontario101

    33. North Carolina: World's Largest Frying Pan

    bryanregan / Via, ourstatemag / Via

    "World’s largest (operating) frying pan is in Rose Hill, North Carolina. They actually cook in it every year!" — lgspark01

    34. North Dakota: Salem Sue

    kdenisemontgomery / Via

    "North Dakota’s Salem Sue, the World’s Largest Holstein Cow. Complete with incredibly lifelike veiny udders." — helenac41a7ee8cf

    35. Ohio: The Basket Building

    "Newark, Ohio is home to the Longaberger Basket Building. It’s a giant, seven-story building that’s modeled to look like one of the woven baskets the company makes. It was built in 1997 for office use but closed in 2014 and has been basically useless, other than being used as a landmark for directions. For example, 'No, the Wendy’s by the basket.'" — kelseyh4e8f329ea

    36. Oklahoma: Blue Whale of Catoosa

    cassiebox / Via

    "In Catoosa, Oklahoma, there is a giant blue whale statue. It is on the historic Route 66." — kimb4b30945f9

    37. Oregon: Mill's End Park aka "The Smallest Park in the World"

    dreamsofjames / Via

    "Portland has the smallest park in the world. I’m a life long Oregonian and people always ask to go see it when they visit. I guess it’s in the guidebooks or whatever. I don’t think people realize it’s basically just a bush in the middle of a crosswalk. I’m sure people pass it all the time not realizing what it is. The people that ask to go always seem a tad underwhelmed...LOL" — HannaMcG

    38. Pennsylvania: The Coffee Pot

    delaneybianca / Via

    "The world's largest coffee pot is in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Sure, Philly has the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and the Rocky steps, and Pittsburgh's got the meeting of Three Rivers, but the coffee pot is *truly* exciting!" — theresathimons

    39. Rhode Island: The Big Blue Bug

    shoeshoppinggirl / Via

    "The Big Blue Bug is just outside of Providence and can be seen driving by I-95. During the holidays, the Big Blue Bug gets in the festive mood and sports its own set of antlers and a big red nose. I remember one time someone vandalized the statue and the whole state went insane, but luckily it was cleaned up and back to normal. We Rhode Islanders protect the Big Blue Bug at all costs!" — samuelavila401

    40. South Carolina: The Peachoid

    "In Gaffney, South Carolina, there's a peach water tower right off the interstate that is viewable from three exits. Most South Carolinians refer to it, very endearingly, as 'The Butt.' Its formal name? The Peachoid." — cgh1858

    41. South Dakota: The World's Only Corn Palace

    the_worlds_only_corn_palace / Via

    "The Corn Palace is in Mitchell, South Dakota. Every year they change the facade by doing art with corn. Fun fact: In the beginning of the movie Dodgeball, Justin Long is wearing a Corn Palace T-shirt." — jocelynl491487143

    42. Tennessee: The Sunsphere

    codykuhnage / Via

    "I live in Tennessee, and the World’s Fair was held in my city in 1982. The Sunsphere, which is basically a gigantic golden disco ball on a stick is our landmark, LOL (also bart and company bought wigs from the Sunsphere in an episode of The Simpson’s)." — oliviawann6

    43. Texas: Prada Marfa

    "Prada Marfa in Valentine, Texas is basically just a sculpture of a Prada store that is literally in the middle of nowhere." — laurenb430ac6597

    44. Utah: The Snelgrove/Jimmy John's Black Ice Cream Cone

    genevievekyle / Via

    "Salt Lake City has these two rotating ice cream cone signs, on different sides of the city. One of the buildings was bought by Jimmy John's, and the city wouldn't allow them to take down the ice cream cone because it's historical. So, Jimmy John's painted it black. So we have a Jimmy John's with a black rotating ice cream cone sign." — dramag33k15

    45. Vermont: The Whale Tails

    vtbyvermonters / Via

    "'Reverence' is a sculpture in South Burlington, Vermont created by Jim Sardonis in 1989 that depicts two tails of whales 'diving' into a sea of grass. It is meant to symbolize the fragility of the planet. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the sculpture traveling on I-89." — kristeng7

    46. Virginia: The Roanoke Star

    "The Roanoke Star in Roanoke, Virgina is the largest manmade star in the country that sits atop a mountain. Roanoke is nicknamed the “star city” because of it. You can hike or drive up the mountain to take pictures and see the amazing view." — lizziet4d0b15d69

    47. Washington: The Fremont Troll

    "In Seattle, there's a huge troll statue hidden under a bridge! He's holding a VW Beetle." — maddiec4dbdcafdc

    48. West Virginia: The Pink Elephant

    parigosh / Via

    "In Barboursville, West Virginia, we have a life-size pink elephant on the side of Route 60. It was purchased by a man for his wife as a present while he was on business. They put it in front of their store and it just stayed there." — same4cdc4a02a

    49. Wisconsin: The World's Largest Six Pack

    "La Crosse, Wisconsin has the largest six pack of beer in the world. Home sweet home :)" — casbag

    50. Wyoming: Hell's Half Acre

    kimgirly23 / Via

    "Hell's Half Acre in Powder River, WY is right on Highway 20, a perfect roadside attraction. It's a ravine filled with some jagged rock formations. The fictional planet, Klendathu, from Starship Troopers was filmed here too." — janellejoannes

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