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Which TV Shows Do You Wish Had Lasted Longer?

TBH, I still want more seasons of Friday Night Lights.

Alright, we all have our favorite TV shows that we're constantly rewatching.

But, have you ever had a TV show that you wish lasted just a little longer?

Maybe the very thought of rewatching Freaks and Geeks makes you weep because you know you'll have to say goodbye a mere 18 episodes later.

Perhaps you loved Pitch and you're constantly thinking about where these characters would be if the show was still airing.

Or maybe it's not even a TV show that only had one season. Perhaps you're like me and wish Orphan Black had continued because you just weren't ready to say goodbye.

Perhaps you still think it's the biggest crime that Hannibal was canceled after a massive cliffhanger and you still want answers.

Heck, maybe Breaking Bad is still your favorite TV series and although it had a brilliant finale, you selfishly still want new episodes.

So, tell us which TV show you wish had lasted longer and WHY via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!