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Which Small And Heartbreaking Marvel Cinematic Universe Moment Do You Wish We Talked About More?

Wanda saying, "I can't feel you" in WandaVision broke me.

Listen, anyone who knows me knows that I cry during every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie or TV show.

Bucky saying, "But I knew him"

Shoutout to the random person who had to sit next to me in the movie theater during Avengers: Endgame and hand me tissues.

And while there are a ton of big MCU moments that make us all weep — god, I can never talk about Vormir without sobbing — sometimes the small and subtle heartbreaking moments are the ones that have the biggest impact.

Peter and Ned hugging in the school hallway

Maybe you're like me and you can't even think about Wanda's line when she's saying goodbye to Billy and Tommy in WandaVision without bursting into tears.

Wanda saying, "Boys...thanks for choosing me to be your mom"
Marvel / Disney+

Perhaps, even though Avengers: Endgame is filled with heartbreak, Nebula taking Rocket's hand is the one scene that you cry the hardest during, and it's a moment you think isn't talked about enough.

Rocket putting his hand on Nebula's and then Nebula holding his hand

Maybe, in the grand scheme of Thanos's snap, the goodbye that is the most emotional is when Okoye sees T'Challa get dusted in Avengers: Infinity War.

T'Challa saying, "Up, General. Up! This is no place to die"

Heck, perhaps you are a ride-or-die Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan and you just need more people to talk about the devastating episode "Parting Shot" — namely, the last two minutes.

Bobbi and Lance taking a final shot with Mack

It's me; I'm the "ride-or-die Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan" who needs to talk about this with everyone.

So tell us which tiny MCU moments always make you weep and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!